The day we almost got burgled

So im sitting at home playing MVC3 with my little brother, when I notice an indian guy walking up to the door, didnt think much of it, then a second guy came to the door… and then nothing happened…. The first got out a phone and started talking to someone whilst walking away from my house. It was at this point I noticed a white van and a white pickup had become parked outside our house….
The men and their vans/trucks disappeared, and all was back to normal.

Maybe im just being paranoid here, but im pretty sure thats a setup for a burglary. The people just across the road from us were actually robbed a few weeks ago, in broad daylight in the middle of the day, this whole ordeal happened at 2pm on a tuesday, on my brothers half term – but they probably didnt consider that factor, Without my visit home for marvel and my brothers half term, the house would be very empty for another 2 hours, just perfect for them to steal everything, load it up and piss off.

Pretty scary stuff tbh, we’ve informed the police and are looking into getting a new alarm system fitted ASAP because our current one is broken, we should be fine for this week at least, but who knows… I kind of dont fancy being robbed…