Burning 4 hours in London

So after my long weekend at home, I decide its time to head back to my university house…
However the train station had other ideas, apparently ‘super offpeak’ (the ticket I had) is only valid before 3:30pm, or after 8pm (or on a weekend), I had arrived at…. 4pm. Well shit.

I did the expected, and went straight to piccadily circus trocedero funland, arguably the largest arcade in the country. They have quite a few new machines there that i’ve never seen, ‘lets go island’ (the sequel to lets go jungle), Some game involving a golden gun, a few driving games, a 4 player ‘casual’ family shooting game (which actually looked really fun) and Elevator Action death parade – which was FUCKING BROKEN >:( , so mad, i really wanted to play it too, the cab was actually fully working aside from the coin mech, tempting me by closing its door and running its startup animation and shit.

I Ended up spending about £4 on DJmax Technika (im pretty sure ive already taken a picture of this at some point, a google search will probably find you all the info you need to know), I also spent a pound on………

ATATATATATATATATATAATATATATA-em-up, Fist of the North star game. Shit is so fun, If you havent played it before you’re missing out. (basically the pads come out and light up and you have to punch them at the right time, and then you do special techniques and there are weird gimmicks and shit that happen (eg. only hit the lit pad, and 2 come out , or time all your hits perfectly). I really wish i had watched Fist of the north star, if only so I could understand the references to the special techniques and stuff better, the only one i know is the ‘hundred crack fist of the north star’ used in episode 1 (which is in the game)

After wasting an immense amount of time in the arcade, I went out and checked out tokyotoys, full of anime merch, The trocedero is actually a hub for anime nerds after their… fanfiction writing contests or whatever the fuck it is they do, on a regular basis you’ll see small groups of teens in cosplay outfits – Tokyotoys actually sells these outfits, although im pretty sure they’re ridiculously priced (they have a hatsune miku costume ^^). In the short time i was in the trocedero, I saw a haruhi, a naruto, some other ninja, a bleach captain… and some other guy clearly in costume but i didnt recognise it.

I passed by the HMV gamerbase and was really tempted to just go in and rent out a console/PC for an hour or so, they actually had MVC3 to play but I dont think they had any arcade sticks so I would have been playing like a scrub (saw some MW2, COD4, MGS:O and some weird asian CS ripoff being played)

Out onto the street then, where I witnessed a beatboxer doing a street performance, going from RnB tracks (drop it like its hot and some other stuff) to fucking… dubstep and drum and bass. I actually took a video and may upload it to youtube or something at some point (but its 150mb so I cant really upload it here without some good compressioning)

Had some lunch, abused McDonalds free toilets, wasted some time walking around, and then it was time to head back to the station, so I decided to go through Trocedero again and go to the basement (where there is a link to the station), and apparently the tunnel is where the local dancing/breakdancing community like to get their practice in, the whole tunnel was lined with people in dancing clothes, boomboxes every 2 meters and people doing flips and spins and the robot and all sorts of crazy shit. It was pretty awesome to watch