Best Before (theater show)

So tonight, keeping with the feeling instilled in me from my London adventure, I decided to – on a whim – go with my friend to the Warwick Arts Centre to see a show called ‘Best Before’.
Most definitely not your average theatre performance, the majority of the show revolved around a screen populated by maybe around a hundred small blob avatars, everyone in the audience is given a proper 4 button and Dpad control pad to control themselves with, and then the game sort of plays itself out, the audience has to make decisions and these decisions impact how the show flows:

soldier? profession? take drugs? have sex at 15? take heroin? Vote to imprison those who took heroin? Find a partner? Have a child? Spend your money on a house or car? Invest in the stock market? Take part in a gun rampage?… Those are just some of the choices presented during the show, all things of course have results and side effects, such as if you become a candidate for presidential election – will the audience frown upon your anti-immigration and pro-firearms views? (they sure did to me :< ) The show is apparently international, but only do a limited amount of shows, as such I imagine very few people will ever get to see the show, which is a huge shame because it was very entertaining and very unique. Tonight, I was Dan, a male who had sex at 15, took cannabis but turned down heroin, married once but then got a divorce because my wife tried to force me into having a sex change, tried getting a job as a games tester but became unemployed due to recession, was a candidate for presidential election but came last in the polls (with 8%), was hospitalized once for contracting a disease, joined the army and was sent off for duty, took part in a gun rampage but managed to evade police/prison and survived to about 103 years old. The below video will probably help give a better idea of what the show is like, it was good fun.