Marvel VS Capcom 3 and Ghost Trick (DS)

Marvel Vs Capcom 3

Hopefully a game which needs little introduction, certain followers will know I travelled around 3 hours to go home for a 5 day weekend, almost solely to play MVC3, and oh boy did I play

I think in the time I was home i completed the game somewhere around 12-15 times, finished it once on Very hard, and played about 10 hours of Local Multiplayer with my brother and one of his friends (who called me legendary) – This was before I even knew how to play the damn game (the first day), as in like…. I was occasionally losing games (at a ratio of about 5 wins to 1 loss mind you).
By the end of my stay, pretty damn untouchable, but still losing occasionally to Very Hard CPU because they actually know how to block, im pretty sure they cheat to some extent, cant even fucking cross them up with assists :/

My Team of choice generally consists of Wesker and Felicia, with either Sentinel (if i feel like being lame) / Wolverine (15 button bnb combo makes me feel really cool) /  Captain America (simple, but effective, and his shield can be an asshole to block)
So -generally- its Wesker B, felicia A and Wolverine B
My secret to success? crossups and other annoying bullshit, wesker is just a teleporting gun shooting asshole with big damage potential (and his counter hyper is fucking godlike), Felicia can set up her own high/low unblockables with her kittycat hyper, and wolverine just berserker slashes and is all over your shit – I’d also like to add Lv3 XFactor and Berserker Charge ( down down¬† -> 2 atk) is hilarious.

If it wasnt suggested btw, The game is fucking awesome and everything I was expecting, fast, fun, skillful and flashy, with a huge character list where everyone has SOMETHING to contribute (although I have to say my least favorite characters are Arthur, Haggar and Modok – but thats just personal choice and they arent bad characters in any way)

The lag online is also pretty reasonable, way better than the netcode in SF4 anyway, I was playing anony in Florida without TOO much lag.

Ghost Trick (DS)

Over my stay at home I also started and finished ghost trick on the ol’ DS.
Made by the people who did phoenix wright, I was expecting something special, I had already played the short online PC demo that they had on the website, and was excited to finally have a chance to play it.

Its not the longest of games, and the story – I felt – Wasnt as good as Phoenix Wright, but it is definitely a great game, the way that the story comes together and slowly presents itself, and the way the past keeps coming back to reveal stuff (plenty of ‘oh god that woman was….’ or ‘that place i was in earlier was…’ moments)

The gameplay is fairly simple, but works, and the countdown til the victims death is a nice touch to get you worried.
Its sort of hard to talk too much about the game without spoiling it, but there are a good deal of twists and turns as you go through, some of them welcome, some notsomuch.

I’d also like to add that the best character in the game is without a doubt ‘missile’ the dog which is introduced in the 2nd or 3rd chapter, I cant remember the last time I saw such a cute character in a game.

Basically, if you have a DS, you should give this game a go, its not too long (about 10-15 hrs) and is a great ride.