Building a valley village (minecraft)

Started yesterday at some point whilst listening to some studio ghibli soundtrack – it may have been spirited away or Nausicaa or something, but it basically gave me the inspiration to start working on the highly mountainous region shown in the ‘before’ picture below.

I wanted to make a small village or something, with connected caves, rope bridges and so on, the type of village that might exist in a valley.

Its not yet finished, but in 2 days ive turned this….

Into this…

Its actually pretty shocking for me, just seeing these 2 images side by side. Whilst building you sort of just… do it.
Clear dirt and stone out of the way, its just casual shit, and then when you take a step back and admire your handywork….

I still dont really know what to name this area though (I like to keep my world signposted at the minecart stations at least)
Probably futile to even ask since I never get a response, but if anyone has any ideas for a name for the area, drop a comment in the thread or in the chatbox on the right.