So im 22 now


Had a sort of interesting birthday day i guess, had an awesome dream (So much party and fun that MVC3 was on in the lounge but the xbox had gone into standby mode because there was so much fun to be had elsewhere)
Woke up at 2, did abit of work, watched some anime, then went to the girls house for ‘Oscar night’ which was basically just watching the oscars and realising that I havent seen hardly any of the nominees or know any of the actors.
I also realised one of my friends has tits which more or less come out of her stomach

The only presents ive gotten so far are from the girls (because its tradition in our house to give birthday presents late i guess) , they got me a pendulum T-Shirt and the book ‘1001 video games you must play before you die’ which is pretty interesting. Ive already started ticking off the stuff ive already played in the contents page.
The only absence ive noticed so far is ‘Ristar’ on the megadrive, I feel thats a game which should be in a list of games to play before you die, certainly more than… uhh…. *flipflipflip* ‘Maximo’ on the PS2 (the spiritual successor to Ghosts and Goblins)

In the book though I found out about the game im about to link below, ‘Cursor*10’ , and after a little play, its short but definitely something which should be experienced. its very unique 🙂

If i find any other internet based web games mentioned in the book, I may forward the links to y’all if i deem them worthy.