Revision update 30th march

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Have successfully skimmed through all 6 of the modules im studying for, highlighing key points and making sure the material makes some level of sense.
Ive only actually learnt 2 of the modules, and those are both of the easy ones. The rest of the information I need to learn involves maybe 120 pages at standard font size.
Particularly bitchy is Integrative Neuroscience, which is just fucking ridiculous. Im not sure how im going to handle it when it comes to the exam :< The material barely makes any sense. I dont think anyone else is in revision stages yet – Our exams this year are super early because we do our final year laboratory project afterwards – but if you are, good luck and dont burn yourself out! D: Countdown : 4 weeks (28 days left)

OniiKoto and Dragon Crisis

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both finished yesterday/today , and both are varying levels of terrible.
I dont actually know why i stuck around to watch both of them through til the end.

Dragon crisis : 5/10 – Bad plot, characters, inconclusive ending

I dont like my big brother at all : 6/10 – Bad plot (but then its at least a comedy), annoying characters, another inconclusive ending

Alot of the other spring series will be ending over the next 2 weeks as well, but none will be as bad as Dragon Crisis (oniikoto wasnt actually THAT bad, just not good)

Minecraft March

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Pre-note: Most of this probably took less time than you imagine it did, ive got a fair few hacks on so I can build as efficiently as possible (aint got time to waste now that exams are creeping up)
This is also what happens when the internet/league of legends servers are being sketchy and I dont feel like studying…

(can see the next WIP in the background, going to be a 3 floor hub area)

And finally…

Random lookback at Meng’s early gaming days

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So most of the consoles I had were modded in some way, I had a modded saturn, PSX, PS2…. And a gameboy which used carts so that could just read whatever anyway.

Anywho, my parents or uncles/aunts used to just buy me shit loads of asian pirate games, I distinctly remember , whenever my mum or dad would go on holiday – to malaysia, or hong kong – they would come back with a huge stack of CD-R’s in a little plastic sleeve with some squished artwork printed on a piece of paper.
I still actually have alot of these, maybe when I go home sometime i’ll take some photos so you can all get an idea.
But pretty much…I had maybe 80~ saturn games, 150 PS2 games, 100’s of GB games…
And probably the majority of them werent in english, which – surprisingly, didnt really faze me much.
I’d imagine the average teenager that puts in a game, RPG’s or turn based strategy, action, whatever… and see’s a flood of moonspeak – would probably give up and just not bother playing.
Never seemed like that much of a big deal to me though, I played through alot of them, maybe not to the end but a fair amount for sure, just trying every option, clicking everything i possibly could, seeing what happens, seeing what doesnt happen…
“oh, this is save” , “i guess this means attack?” , “what the hell am i casting? why is it not doing anything (probably casting esuna on self in jappo FF game)”
Sadly, the occasional game would be unbeatable, specific victory conditions, or needing to get something specific from a specific place etc – Super Robot Wars was one of my favorite games on the sega saturn, kind of comparable to Advance Wars- but with robots and shit.
That game was the fucking worst for it, jesus, so much text, you can swap out robot pilots and weapons, skills, more stats to look at than your average level 85 WoW character… And then dickbag victory conditions like ‘protect this unit’ and im sitting there making that unit be the leader of the suicide attack army and stuff.

I wonder if those experiences changed my character at all, I wonder if i’ll intentionally do the same to my children in the future and be like ‘DEAL WIT IT.’ Im sure it must have taught me something, im just not sure what that something is yet.
(also, i wonder if i could go back now and be able to understand it any better, given ive aged 10 years and can read a little japanese)

Year 3, Term 2 End

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So im done with University lectures forever, have been since last week.
On monday I had to do my final task this term, Give a 15 minute talk about ‘Food entrained Circadian Clocks in the hypothalamus’ and then spend 5 minutes answering questions from the audience…
The presentation went mostly okay i guess, I was so nervous at the start that I messed up the goddamn title, and I almost fell over because of jelly-legs, but once i got into it… went alright…
I think I did best on the questions, whilst some other people just couldnt answer any, I had a good 6 or so from the audience and 1 from the lecturer and was able to answer them all.

The only thing left now are the 6 exams and my Final year lab project (which involves around 4 weeks of 9-5 days starting sometime in may)
My exam period starts on the 27th of april and ends on the 5th of May, so they’re around 6 weeks away I guess – which will hopefully give me plenty of time to revise and learn my material because right now i dont know fucking anything…

I still cant believe Ive spent almost 3 years here, Hell im sure somewhere i still have blog posts about my first day of university, and now its practically over.
Life really does fly by…

Awaiting Spring 2011 Anime

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So was just browsing to see whats coming out next season…  (no Panty and stocking S2, no Ika Musume S2, I am disappoint.)

Actual lists are…
Over Here
And one here as well

So uh… Doesnt seem to be a whole lot to look forward to next season,
I’ll probably check out the one featuring the super buff guy looking for food ingredients (Toriko) , World only god knows S2 , Maybe ‘Deadman Wonderland’ (Prison battle royale?) , Kaiji S2 (Yakuza Pachinko arc?) and maybe ‘Steins;Gate’ (about sending messages to the past)

Tangled VS Megamind VS Despicable Me (2010)

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So today we have a ‘face off’ of sorts….

Tangled – By disney, a re-envision of the old tale of Rapunzel, classic disney princess/prince affair.

Megamind – By Dreamworks, the story of a troubled supervillain trying to find himself

Despicable Me – By newcomer ‘Illumination entertainment’ , another story about a supervillain, but this time trying to out supervillain another supervillain.

Films will be rated on Story, Comedy, Graphics, music and general how much i liked it (overall)

Lets begin then.


Tangled (2010)

Tangled is without a doubt the prettiest of the 3 films, like…. seriously seriously pretty, the enviroments, character detail, lighting… things like hair and water look amazing.
That said, I thought that the humor in tangled was the worst of the 3, with comedy fairly slapstick in most cases, Granted its supposedly a childrens movie, but so are the rest of the films in this post, and so are all of the pixar films and they still manage to keep a good balance between childish slapstick humor and subtle adult jokes.
Something i didnt actually know until about 10 minutes before i watched the film is that it is a borderline musical ,now this isnt exactly a bad thing, but I guess I wasnt completely mentally prepared for it – Or i thought i was… and i wasnt. The film really reminds me of old school disney films like Beauty and the Beast, Happy endings, animal companions and the occasional sing and dance – This makes sense as the logical progression for Disney however (I hear princess and the frog was a flop)

Oh. Id also like to add that it sort of felt like the main character was based loosely on Miley Cyrus or something.

Best Bit? Without a doubt the Lantern scene which the film builds up to for the first half hour or so. Really Beautiful.

The scores:

Story : 5/10 – Fairly predictable Disney affair, I also felt the pacing was a little slow… Maybe because there wasnt actually much story to begin with

Comedy : 3/10 – As mentioned earlier, not much comedy here other than slapstick

Graphics : 10/10 – Amazing

Music : 8/10 – Its a musical, so i was kind of on edge during any song in case a housemate came in, the music is generally decent and fits the scene well, the tavern song was lol.

Overall : 7/10 – Its a good film, but I felt the lack of comedy let it down a little, However, Id say the film is actually worth watching JUST for the graphics. If you have a spare 90 minutes, grab a HD version and enjoy.


Megamind (2010)

I saw megamind last, So its still pretty fresh in my mind.
Im not really sure what, but I felt like something was missing from the film, Something felt out of place but I cant really put my finger on what, maybe the voices? Maybe the characters were unlovable? Im not really sure..
The story starts fairly strong, and then kind of loses its way after a while before trying to find itself, of course everybody watching already kind of knows where the story is going to end up and how the story will end, The plot is actually vaguely like the episode of Dexter’s Lab where he ‘Fires’ Deedee and then spends the rest of the episode trying to hire a new sister.
As sort of mentioned, I think the characters were a little…crap… Cant really say why, the main character was kind of unlovable and dumb, which is unsurprising because apparently his voice actor is Will Ferrel, who is also unlovable and dumb.
The film is pretty funny, about 50:50 slapstick:adult, this film also I think rocks the best music, because its hard not to enjoy a film where old famous rock songs are played.
Uh….more or less sums it up i think? I didnt really expect much from Megamind and whilst it didnt really shock me with anything but kept me entertained throughout.

Best bit? I cranked my speakers for the finale when Welcome to the Jungle came on for the final battle…

The Scores:

Story: 7/10 – Could have been more original, I feel like I’ve already seen this film somewhere else with different characters somewhere.

Comedy: 7/10 – Pretty funny with lots of variety

Graphics: 9/10 – I watched the 1080p version, And it was very pretty, yet somehow upstaged by Tangled in 720p, this may have scored higher had I not seen Tangled prior

Music: 9/10 – ALL ABOARD!~

Overall: 8/10 – A good animated film, brought down by a few little smudges here and there. Definitely worth a watch.


Despicable Me (2010)

I sort of stumbled into watching this film, taking a break from my work to stroll into the lounge where my housemates had just started watching it, my brother said it was a really good film so i dropped what i was doing and went to watch, it was a good call on my part.
In my opinion, I’d say Despicable Me is the best film of this bunch, im a bit of a sucker for cutesy films, comedies and bizarre shit, and Despicable Me seems to tick all the right boxes.
It feels like the writers and animators really tried their best to make the film hilarious, both in a bit of a slapstick way – with the little yellow minions acting similar to rabbits (from the rayman series) – and in a very clever way, the way the characters interact with each other is really good and entertaining in itself, add in some clever dialogue and the main characters voice/accent and its golden (“I SAID COOKIE ROBOTS. NOT BOOGIE. WHY ARE YOU SO OLD.”)
Another great asset the film has are that you will fall in love with most of the characters, the main, the minions,  the girls, the pirahnadog, its about the opposite to the feeling I had towards the characters in megamind.
The story is very simple but with a few twists here and there (he fly to the moon, he shrink the moon, he take the moon…) but story is arguably the weakest part of the film.

Best Bit? Its really hard to think of a best bit, I feel like the film was pretty consistently great all the way through and didnt really peak and drop like other films. So i guess i’ll just put a picture of Gru and the girls on the rollercoaster

The Scores:

Story: 6/10 – Very simple as mentioned before, and whilst its probably the film’s main weakness, it is by no means bad

Comedy: 10/10 – I laughed out loud, a lot. From the easy laughs like the failed Dart gun and failed bank presentation to the more obscure stuff.

Graphics: 8/10 – Slightly simpler graphics compared to the other two films, yet by no means bad, animation is still top notch but stuff just isnt as detailed as the others.

Music: 6/10 – It was alright, nothing too spectacular, but it all went with the film just fine. I did feel a little awkward watching the end dance though, it felt a little forced…

Overall: 10/10 – A very very enjoyable film, and one which I’d happily watch again in a few months maybe. Give it a watch for sure.

The Path (PC)

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So, again under the guidance of my 1001 Video games before you die book, I went to check out ‘The Path’
Touted as an artsy indie game, the game is more of an artpiece than a game…

I dont really think I can explain it in a better way than the official description/blurb thing


There is one rule in the game. And it needs to be broken.
There is one goal. And when you attain it, you die.

Six sisters live in an apartment in the city. One by one their
mother sends them on an errand to their grandmother, who
is sick and bedridden.
The teenagers are instructed to go to grandmother’s house
deep in the forest and, by all means, to stay on the path!
Wolves are hiding in the woods, just waiting for little girls
to stray.

The Path is a game about growing, about changing, about
making choices, about accepting the consequences of these
choices. A game about playing, and failing, about embracing
life, perhaps by accepting death.


This game is easily one of the strangest and oddest psychological horror whatever games ive played, seeing you running lost around a dark misty forest, searching for god knows what, whilst the black borders of your screen seem to grow and pulse around you. Flickers of light, ghostly illusions, camera noise and blurring make this a very surreal, almost dream (or nightmare) like experience.
The music, whilst not terrifying, is unsettling, a piano melody accompanies by sharp strings and sounds of a racing heartbeat.

It is… I suppose, a game which should be played… Its a unique experience alright, but dont be expecting much fun.

Dont expect to understand much either.

Oh, and try not to fall into the grave