Revision update 30th march

Have successfully skimmed through all 6 of the modules im studying for, highlighing key points and making sure the material makes some level of sense.Ive only actually learnt 2 of the modules, and those are both of the easy ones. … Read More

OniiKoto and Dragon Crisis

both finished yesterday/today , and both are varying levels of terrible.I dont actually know why i stuck around to watch both of them through til the end. Dragon crisis : 5/10 – Bad plot, characters, inconclusive ending I dont like … Read More

Minecraft March

Pre-note: Most of this probably took less time than you imagine it did, ive got a fair few hacks on so I can build as efficiently as possible (aint got time to waste now that exams are creeping up)This is … Read More

Year 3, Term 2 End

So im done with University lectures forever, have been since last week.On monday I had to do my final task this term, Give a 15 minute talk about ‘Food entrained Circadian Clocks in the hypothalamus’ and then spend 5 minutes … Read More

Awaiting Spring 2011 Anime

So was just browsing to see whats coming out next season…  (no Panty and stocking S2, no Ika Musume S2, I am disappoint.) Actual lists are…HereOver HereAnd one here as well So uh… Doesnt seem to be a whole lot … Read More

Gaia Tower (Minecraft)

Needed a new transport hub tower because my world is kinda fuckin big… Inspiration taken from a lot of things: the CN Tower in Canada, Biospheres, Kami’s Lookout in Dragonball Z and some other shit probably…

Tangled VS Megamind VS Despicable Me (2010)

So today we have a ‘face off’ of sorts…. Tangled – By disney, a re-envision of the old tale of Rapunzel, classic disney princess/prince affair. Megamind – By Dreamworks, the story of a troubled supervillain trying to find himself Despicable … Read More

The Path (PC)

So, again under the guidance of my 1001 Video games before you die book, I went to check out ‘The Path’Touted as an artsy indie game, the game is more of an artpiece than a game… I dont really think … Read More