Random lookback at Meng’s early gaming days

So most of the consoles I had were modded in some way, I had a modded saturn, PSX, PS2…. And a gameboy which used carts so that could just read whatever anyway.

Anywho, my parents or uncles/aunts used to just buy me shit loads of asian pirate games, I distinctly remember , whenever my mum or dad would go on holiday – to malaysia, or hong kong – they would come back with a huge stack of CD-R’s in a little plastic sleeve with some squished artwork printed on a piece of paper.
I still actually have alot of these, maybe when I go home sometime i’ll take some photos so you can all get an idea.
But pretty much…I had maybe 80~ saturn games, 150 PS2 games, 100’s of GB games…
And probably the majority of them werent in english, which – surprisingly, didnt really faze me much.
I’d imagine the average teenager that puts in a game, RPG’s or turn based strategy, action, whatever… and see’s a flood of moonspeak – would probably give up and just not bother playing.
Never seemed like that much of a big deal to me though, I played through alot of them, maybe not to the end but a fair amount for sure, just trying every option, clicking everything i possibly could, seeing what happens, seeing what doesnt happen…
“oh, this is save” , “i guess this means attack?” , “what the hell am i casting? why is it not doing anything (probably casting esuna on self in jappo FF game)”
Sadly, the occasional game would be unbeatable, specific victory conditions, or needing to get something specific from a specific place etc – Super Robot Wars was one of my favorite games on the sega saturn, kind of comparable to Advance Wars- but with robots and shit.
That game was the fucking worst for it, jesus, so much text, you can swap out robot pilots and weapons, skills, more stats to look at than your average level 85 WoW character… And then dickbag victory conditions like ‘protect this unit’ and im sitting there making that unit be the leader of the suicide attack army and stuff.

I wonder if those experiences changed my character at all, I wonder if i’ll intentionally do the same to my children in the future and be like ‘DEAL WIT IT.’ Im sure it must have taught me something, im just not sure what that something is yet.
(also, i wonder if i could go back now and be able to understand it any better, given ive aged 10 years and can read a little japanese)