Streets of Rage Remake project is now out

Found it on blackcats and I have to say, it does what it says it does
Its… Streets of fucking rage. Remixed, Remade, Re-coded , Re… you get the picture.

If you enjoyed Streets of Rage, its definitely worth a look, theres 2 player support (obviously) and even an AI teammate mode for you lonely hearts.
There is, sadly, No online support, but its completely reasonable given that this is a fan based thing, and proper netcode and etc would probably take fucking forever to make.

I imagine i’ll play through it at some point with my brother when I go back home

Update: Okay so I played a little more, enough to get to the beach in SOR1, the game is really really well made, like you can tell alot of love has gone into this. I also forgot how much i love streets of rage, the music in particular was making me nostalgia the fuck out, the background beats, the jingle when you finish the level…. Even the soundeffects are really well done, from the crunchy punches to the unforgetable FWOOM that the pipe makes.