Akinator (aka. The time waster)

So i only just discovered Akinator through ponychan, this thing is fucking amazing.


Basically, you think of a character, answer some questions, and it guesses who you was thinking of.

I thought it was pretty good when it guessed Albert Wesker (Resi) and Harima Kenji (School rumble), but then it guessed that I was thinking of Angel the Bunny (MLP) which was like…. wat.
(it also guessed Ed Elric, Dr Robotnik, Bruce willis, but those are kind of more common i guess)

Give it a try, ask it to predict some semi-common characters, then try to fuck with it by picking someone obscure

edit: Okay jeeeeeeeezus… This guy knows fucking everything, Successfully guessed…
Hirasawa Ui (K-ON) , Riza Hawkeye(fullmetal alchemist), Tsukamoto Yakumo (school rumble), Kamiyama (Cromartie) , maggey byrde (phoenix wright) ,General Ouromov (007 Goldeneye)
I thought i’d try Ryze (from League of legends) and it hits me with..