Deadman Wonderland (Spring Anime 2011)

Wasn’t really looking forward to this much, it sounded okay on paper but was just kind of ‘okay sure whatever’, didnt help that AniDB has it marked as ‘Shounen’ (boys).

A Brief overview of the plot given in Episode 1 is that the kid below is just chilling in his class, hanging with his fwens (maybe it was a friday, who knows) , when all of a sudden some guy in a red cloak floats outside his 3rd floor classroom and basically murders the entire class except from him. The murderer then does a wesker and implants this red gem thing into the kids chest (KONAMI CAPCOM WILL SUE).
The kid is basically the prime suspect for the murders, some evidence is planted against him, and he is sent to death row in Deadman Wonderland – Basically a prison/themepark , depending on which side of the gate you are, the prisoners have to survive and win games to get candy (which they die without). And thats about it for ep1, oh yeah he gets some sort of power from the gem, of course.

Overall, seems like an interesting anime, pretty dark and gritty at times which i quite like, good soundtrack from the sounds of it and it’ll be interesting to see how it progresses.
(Also, yet another fucking Sunday show)

You can grab the episode (DDL or torrent) here

[Oh. and apolagies for the bemani joke earlier which im sure 99% of my readers wont understand]