Getting mad at anime. (Baka and Test)

So. I usually find anime to watch by sifting through genres, or going by recomendations from other people so on and so on.
Somehow, i stumbled upon ‘Baka and Test: Summon the beasts‘ , a show which has (i suppose) an interesting premise….


Fumizuki Academy is a school that strictly stratifies students, and the comforts of their classrooms, by test scores. The lowest ranked class, Class F, lead by Yoshii Akihisa, the idiot amongst idiots (and the series titular Baka) rallies to use experimental fantasy summoned monsters to battle the higher ranked classes for school supremacy.

With the power of idiots and one of the smartest students in Fumizuki Academy, Himeji Mizuki, a girl who was sick on the day of the placement test and ended up in Class F together with Yoshii, one by one the other classes begin to fall before them.”

The show is tagged as (amongst other shit) Seinen Comedy – or comedy for 18-25 year olds.
What the show actually is, is an attempt at comedy similar to…. I dont even know… I cant even think of anything else which attempts to do comedy at such a poor level.
The plot is shit, the action is shit, the comedy is non-existant , the romance is sort of there but fucking christ you couldnt make a more stereotypical highschool romance love polygon than this shit…

I can honestly say this is the worst anime ive ever seen (of which ive seen about 150).
I can also honestly say I havent been so mad at a piece of digital media since the whole Final Fantasy XI incident and actually, im probably more mad at this because i spent more time on it, the reviews and comments say it gets better as you go but jesus fucking christ im not waiting around to find out. 3.75 episodes was enough for me to realise this is a complete shitpiece.

tldr; avoid this shit at all costs.