Exams update 3/6

Halfway there.

The 2 exams today were brutal, Im not really sure how I did tbh, the question format is you pick 2 essay questions out of 4
For both exams, 1 Essay went well, and the other went kinda of meh at best…. Which i mean… at least one of them went well?

IDH (infectious diseases and health module) did the dickbag move of putting a ridiculous question and making it a compulsory one, now the twist here is that we’re not allowed to complain because… Its the exact same compulsory question from the year before! Of which we got to see as a practice, the problem arises in that the question didnt make sense then, and didnt make sense in the exam today.
Everyone (myself included) sort of thought ‘I dont understand this question, but it’ll be okay hopefully because surely they wont ask the same question 2 years in a row’ , and then they fucking did.


next 2 exams are on tuesday so I at least get a tiny break to revise for them.

I really want to play some games and have some fun right now, but my head is completely fucked. Mentally completely exhausted and I have a headache, If i could sleep right now, i would.