A quick reminder.

The official soundtrack for Beatmania IIDX 15 : DJ Troopers still holds the award for most awesome cover art ever feel free to prove me wrong worthy mention goes to A PICTURE OF FINN FARTING (which renard is offering for … Read More


So we’re coming towards finishing the second week of my laboratory work, 2 more weeks to go (i think)I feel like we havent actually got much stuff done, and im worried about getting results i’ll need for my project work, … Read More

The vidya.

Spent yesterday playing meatboy and trying to do dark world and get bandages, now have world 1 and 2 at 100%… This morning, kind of impulse bought Deathsmiles from a buy it now auction on ebay, so that’ll hopefully be … Read More

-insert betus blues here-

Not a huge amount going on at the moment, Feels like im essentially working already with all these 9-5 days. Its annoying because I cant really stay up late for gaming without seriously fucking myself over the next day. Have … Read More

Here we go again!

My next few weeks… may 9th  –  June 3rd (4 weeks)9-5 weekdays in the lab, probably involves being very confused and not know what to do, failing experiments and ultimately getting nothing done and no conclusive results June 3rd – … Read More