Exam update 5/6

Home Stretch!
The 2 exams today were…. Okay….ish…. I guess….
Both generally consisting of 1 alright question which I could answer fine, and then a 2nd question which I kind of cobbled an answer together for and hope that its right. This especially applies for ‘modern approaches to human disease’ exam, which asked for “evidence that glutamate is involved in brain damage in stroke” – and I just kind of rambled on about glutamate in general, stroke in general and brain damage in general, without actually talking about evidence (because I didnt know any) 😐
Lets hope it’ll be fine eh.

Last exam is on Thursday morning , then I wont know what the hell to do with myself.
Im considering going home for the weekend just because I havent been home in a few months now (last time i went back was for MVC3 release), I imagine there wont be much partying going on in general because its only us Bio students that will have actually finished exams, alot of other students will be beginning to start to take theirs.

Im also really seriously considering buying a 360 so i can mod it, it feels like for the price (£80?) its just so much more worth it than trying to run new games on my old PC. Of course a drawback with this is that i’ll have to open it up and tinker around with shit and have absolutely no idea what i’ll be doing – Ive modded a PSP and Wii myself but those are all firmware hack based and dont involve opening up an expensive piece of equipment (okay so i built my PC, but thats a piece of equipment meant to be opened up)
Not that anyone ever posts comments, but if anyone has any experience in modding 360’s with LT+ stuff, let me know how easy it is. I would kind of like to Jtag but that shit requires solder and resistors and all sorts of stuff I dont trust myself with – even though I used to be a boss at Systems and Control back in school (which involved circuit boards, soldering and so on, probably one of the few actually useful classes I took)

Also, I feel like the post looks too empty without a picture or youtube link, so here you go.