-insert betus blues here-

Not a huge amount going on at the moment, Feels like im essentially working already with all these 9-5 days. Its annoying because I cant really stay up late for gaming without seriously fucking myself over the next day.

Have been playing alot of Super Meat boy, trying to grab all the bandages and finish off the Dark World (and finish off the cotton alley of the light world :/ )

After asking my supervisor for some additional reading material he basically printed off a review paper (for non academic people, basically a summary paper which compiles information from about 80 journal entries) which was published in January 2011 by people in the group – And its pretty much my lab project in a nutshell, so it should hopefully let me write up the entirety of the introduction with minimal hassle…. In theory anyway.

In other news (i mean you’ll already know if you follow my twitter or even just look at the right of the webpage at the twitter feed) – We’re going to Ibiza! Booked the holiday last week, we’re going there for 4 nights, So probably lots of faffing about in the sun, at the beach and then getting drunk as fuck at night. Will take my phone and hopefully take lots of pictures for you to all see.