Summer 2011 Anime its not looking great tbh.I may consider watching Usagi Drop and the idolm@ster anime but the rest of it all honestly looks/sounds terrible. bit of a disappointment after there being so many good series on now (spring season). Ah … Read More

Fucking holograms son.

3d Hologram stuff has always been a thing of the future, something you look at in movies like avatar and be like ‘wow. how cool would that shit be…’ Mind. Fucking. Blown.

Metal Gear Solid 4

Yup. Little bit late to the party, but fuckit. I played through it recently and im giving my thoughts on it. DealWitIt. Metal Gear Solid 4 is not very good as a game, infact, about half of the time I … Read More

The lull

So ive pretty much finished writing my dissertation, going to print it and everything tomorrow and then hand it in… (deadline is on weds)Havent been doing a whole lot other than that, casual relaxation and such… Gaming :Replayed Resi5 with … Read More