The lull

So ive pretty much finished writing my dissertation, going to print it and everything tomorrow and then hand it in… (deadline is on weds)
Havent been doing a whole lot other than that, casual relaxation and such…

Gaming :
Replayed Resi5 with a friend (god that game is so much fun on a clean playthrough with no guns), Played through LEGO Batman because I had nothing better to do, League of legends as always, Downloaded and played some of Duke – but it runs really ass on my PC so it kind of kills the enjoyment a little

Southpark this season has been pretty disapointing on the whole, there was that huge err…. twist… or… something… at the midseason though, which has gotten alot of discussion going….

Aside from the regular shows ive been following this season (Click Me), I recently picked up the somewhat now infamous ‘Mahou shoujo Madoka Magica‘ along with ‘Kimi Ni todoke 2’.
Whilst the latter is kind of whatever, Madoka has been very very interesting, Its bizarre in that it doesnt really fit the genre/tags it bestows upon itself, I actually gave it a miss in the spring season just because its a fucking Mahou shoujo anime (Magical Girl), y’know… one of those shows where teenage girls transform to fight evil and have a transformation sequence where they get pretty little frilly clothes and shit [see also, Cardcaptor sakura, Sailor Moon….] .
The show is however, anything but cute girls running around with bows in their hair, this is some serious shit, a dark plot and kind of twisted characters make for a bit of a sinister take on the cutesy genre, I zerged through 9 episodes in about 3 days because its really one of those anime that you want to keep watching once you start… Give it a try if you have nothing to do.

This reddit is kind of fucking amazing….