Ibiza – Day 1 – Arrival and the start of something special

We landed on the island at around 4 or 5pm, and got to have a small sample of the island through the bus journey to ‘Sant Antoni’, from the bus station we eventually worked our way to our Hotel, the hotel Rosalia – supposedly a 1 star hotel, needless to say we werent exactly expecting much, summed up pretty well by “what? It… doesnt… look completely shit?” when we found it amongst some cafes and some other more residential looking buildings.

Sant Antoni where we would be staying for all 4 days of our holiday is basically only divided into the beachfront, and a wealth of bars, pubs and small clubs in what essentially forms a big alcoholic maze of roads which look exactly the same and young girls who desperately try to pull you into their bars with alcohol deals so cheap that theymake you question the relatively high price of water.
We had 2 rooms of 3 booked, we were actually kind of expecting a single and a double in each room but fortunately we got 3 singles – They were arranged into a single and a double but we werent having any of that shit.


^Heres a map showing where we were staying (Hostel Rosalia) along with some other key places i’ll be referring to…


After faffing around with keys and dumping our stuff into the room, we hit the strip to look for food but as Ibiza is such a tourist trap, all of the food shops were crazy expensive – we ended up in a spanish pub like place, got some lasagne and chips….

So we decided we’d ‘take it easy’ as it was our first night in Ibiza, we didnt really fancy hitting a club or anything just yet, the plan was to get some cheap sangria from the nearby alcohol shop and then sit on the afternoon beach… However, we made the mistake of going the opposite direction of an actual beach and ended up at the marina… where we (wrongly) assumed, “if we keep walking in this direction, we’re bound to hit a beach eventually”
Basically, instead of hitting ‘Beach’ on the map we went all the way south from our hostel, through the alcohol maze and then walked west all the way to rock beach, where we eventually said fuckit and just sat on the rocks and started drinking sangria. A few of the less typical drinking games were played, I Spy in particular (drink if you get it wrong, nominate drink if you get it right).

After about an hour sitting on this rock beach something bizarre happened. Duncan (my housemate) was identified by 3 girls he knows from UK, his best friend’s (hot) little sister and her 2 friends…
Little did we know at this point that we’d end up meeting with these girls (Kat, Kate and Jess) every night for the rest of our time in Ibiza. We headed to the alcohol maze to find a cheap bar…
And there we had our first run in with ‘The London Bar’ . Oh Goddamn.
For 10 euro, 2 mixed drinks (I think doubles or triples) of whatever you want, a bottle of peach schnappes (about 2~3 shots each for our group) and then a 2L Pitcher of cocktail to share between 2 people.
I nearly died. Holy shit.
But it was fine. I had this. I was the best.
Drunken banter ensued.

Ian disappeared, then reappeared very drunk, thought he had lost his phone, and had to be escorted back to our hotel by Phil and Ryan.
Eventually we were tasked with taking the drunk girls home (whilst completely drunk ourselves) – You can see their hotel on the map (The hotel Abrat), its actually not THAT far from our own hotel…. However we did not know this at the time. We stumbled arm in arm in pairs back to the beach (me, luke and duncan and the 3 girls) … and around… through rockbeach.. It was fucking ass. And it took around an hour or more probably. Im not sure if it was just me, but i was actually expecting to stay the night at their hotel – but when we got there the guard at the door basically wouldnt let us in because we didnt live there (cockblock’d). We started heading home…. Except we didn’t because Luke had different things planned for us.
We walked in the wrong direction for about 20 minutes, before me and duncan turned around. We saw many bizarre things that night, things which I likely dont completely remember, a stairset from tony hawks underground 2, a hybrid ATV-Car thing, many drunk people….

^The route we took, if only we had known where the hell we were going at the time….

We got back at around 5-6am after originally going out for a ‘light’ night , collapsed on the bed.
And that was the end of day 1.