Ibiza – Day 4 – The rest

Sadly the rest of the holiday wasnt even nearly as memorable – Of course maybe thats just my opinion because I hadnt slept (Still awake from the all-nighter at Es Paradis) , I think the rest of the holiday involved…
– Ritas 1 Euro breakfast
– Swimming in the hotel pool for ages because someone left a giant mattress style float
– Strolling through town
– Breakfast at the cheap beachfront place again, including an alcoholic slush cocktail (malibu, bananna liquor, Red Slush)

We ended the holiday by once again meeting the girls, we met them at a beach near to their hotel – it was on the way to this beach that we realised that their hotel is actually really really close to ours (see maps posted on the first day, if you cut through the town you can walk it in <20 minutes, as opposed to the 4 hours or godknows what we walked around the coast)
There wasnt a huge amount of drinking or anything special involved on the beach, a little bit of drama throwing each others sandals into the ocean, the hennesys concoction (which is something like equal parts rum and coke with some vodka)
Mostly just some nice civilized chitchat as we watched the sun set, which quickly turned into sex-chat as the girls got more drunk.

We opted to not go for an all-nighter on the beach with the girls, as our flight was pretty early in the morning at around 11, and we planned to catch the 8am bus to the airport (as its an hourly bus)
In retrospect though, I should have stayed out for the all-nighter because I basically did one anyway, the room that night was stuffy and hot as hell, all of the nights I had actually slept in the hotel I had been pretty fucking drunk, trying to sleep that night was horrible and sticky – opening the balcony doors only seemed to increase the drunken shouting coming in from the streets and not cool down the room at all.

And so the 2nd night of no-sleep happened.

In the morning we caught the bus, checked out fine etc, got on the plane, arrived back in birmingham UK in the early afternoon.

An overall fantastic holiday, even if we did get robbed of phones, time and (personally) sleep by the island of Ibiza.
I cant wait for the next holiday with my housemates, skiing sometime maybe guys? 😛