Site fixed… Again.

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Lets hope that error doesnt come back again eh.

Stuff on my agenda…

19th- Graduation

23rd – Holiday in Mallorca for a week

Burning time

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Uneventful day

Started playing Assassins Creed brotherhood, which is pretty much exactly what I expect from Assassins creed at this point im time, the game does do some things differently but for the most part its just a refined version of Assassins creed 2, not that I have any problems with that, because its a great game – If something is a winning formula, why change it – although I do feel like the games are coming out a little bit too quickly, id hope AC:Revelations is the last in the series, the last thing we need is another overmilked franchise.

I also had a look at mobile phones, im considering going contract just because i’ll (hopefully) have a full time job soon, which means more time spent out the house and away from a computer, the last thing I want is to become like one mythical Sean Penney, so a good phone with mobile internet and a fuckload of free minutes and texts will be useful for keeping in contact with everybody. Godknows I have a pretty small circle of friends already, I dont want that getting any smaller.
Thanks to a family friend, i’ll probably end up getting a 50% contract deal, letting me go for a pretty outrageous £30 a month deal and only paying £15.
Strongly considering getting the Samsung Galaxy S2, which seems to be getting amazing reviews everywhere and is supposedly the best phone on the market right now, £15 a month is the minimum they let you get with the family/friends deal, so im thinking if I get the £17.50 a month deal, on a 24 month contract – I get the phone free and the total price of the contract over 2 years is £420, considering i’ll get 900 minutes, infinite texts and unlimited mobile internet as well (per month obviously) and the fact that the free phone they give me is worth £475 on amazon right now… Id say it sounds like a pretty good deal. What the fuck im going to do with 900 minutes and infinite texts when I have about 6 friends is fucking beyond me, but at least i’ll be ready should the txt-pocalypse occur.

Finally, given the possible buying of smartphone and jobsearching and stuff starting, I thought i’d clear out my email inbox, it had around 3000 unread messages in, so looking at the MSN ‘new messages’ notification was anyones guess.

I’d say that went well.
Also uncovered some super retro emails from up to 7 years ago, including some nudes of a girl I dont know

Arrietty / Kari-gurashi no Arietti (2010)

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Arrietty is the studio ghibli take on ‘the borrowers’ concept, an american film was made in the late 90’s as a comedy with John Goodman or some fatguy i believe, unsurprisingly, the Studio ghibli version is better.

The story is fairly simple and follows the life of young borrower Arrietty as she does her first borrowing from the house she lives in, however things dont go quite as planned and… thats how the movie plays out.

It runs fairly short for a modern film at only 90 minutes and it feels it, I personally have no problems with this as theres nothing worse than watching a film that outstays its welcome, The borrowers Arrietty does what it comes to do, and then disappears much like the borrowers themselves. Its a great film, but falls short of other Studio ghibli greats like Porco Rosso or Laputa. The film also does a fantastic job of conveying the scale of the borrowers, the sound is particularly well done.
Im going to stop now before I start sounding like a film student.

Definitely worth the 90 minutes.

Note: This film comes out in cinemas in the UK on the 29th of July according to imdb