Mengs Bizarre Adventure – R.I.P 2007-2011

The time to renew my domain and stuff is coming up, and though the cost of it wouldnt be that bad or anything – i just feel theres little point in keeping the blog up anymore. Its not something that people read and its not something I have much spare time to currently write, I felt it was pretty useful during university when stuff would actually happen on a regular basis, but at home its pretty much going to work and coming back home to play vidya and watch anime, I have no friends at home to go out with so its not even like i can run into adventure through that route.

If the situation calls for it, i may restart a blog on the free wordpress domain but we’ll have to wait and see if that is necessary.

Twitter will likely be my new output medium, as its lightweight and i can easily update from anywhere via my phone – So i guess i’ll try and use that more often.
aka. Make sure you’re following!/mengplex