Free to Play steam games (vol 1)

So ive been giving some of these free games on steam a little try, most are so bad that you’d not really want to spend more than an hour or two with them. Heres a quick rundown of what ive tried so far…

Microsoft Flight
Genre: Flight Sim

Well its a flight sim game. You fly planes. Its kind of cool i guess, if you’re into that sort of thing, the main problem however is that there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot to do… You take off, you fly, you land – and if im honest none of them are particularly hard to do, ive never tried a flightsim game before but i learned takeoff and landing in about 10 minutes *shrug*.

Verdict: 3/10
Boring game, no difficulty, no killstreaks, no buildings to crash into

World of Battles: Morningstar
Genre: RTS

I’ll be honest, i only managed to play this for about 5 minutes before realising its complete garbage and uninstalling it. Company of Heroes is free now, go and play that instead.

Verdict: DNF

Moon Breakers
Genre: Spaceship Action

Looks and plays like a school project, flash buttons on the main menu, only a few choices of ship without buying, only 1 or 2 seem viable at all.
Game itself is dumb and broken, take down the enemy millenium falcon – which felt very similar to every WW2 storm the beach scene (ie. fly directly towards enemy, enemy shoots you down).
I’d like to add also that you can collide with enemy spaceships midspace and nothing happens.

Verdict: 2/10
I can’t imagine anyone playing this for more than half an hour.

Realm of the Mad God
Genre: Topdown shooter MMO

Finally something which doesnt completely fucking suck. its a quirky game, unlike anything you’ve ever played – and to some extent it works. I personally think its a little boring and repetitive, but its fun for a short time, and there is a variety of characters for you to try. its worth trying just to experience it.

Verdict: 6/10
Unique and sort of fun i guess.

Puzzle Pirates
Genre: Puzzle

Yarr, ye get ye installer and ye get ye crew and ye play pirate themed puzzle games that ye already played before on ye 1001 games cartridge for the gameboy mono.
Decent variety of games, and swordfighting is basically a shit version of Super Puzzle Fighter II and was actually sort of fun. It wont be winning any awards but its okay I guess.

Verdict: 6/10
Puzzle compilation ruined by the worst interface ever created.

War Inc. Battlezone
Genre: Online FPS/3PS

Tries to rip off battlefield/CoD, fails due to terrible game mechanics/engine. Guns do not recoil, the presence of third person mode means you have to play third person or you are at a significant disadvantage, guns waver between being way too accurate to being not accurate enough (I shot a guy and got about 7 hit markers yet he doesn’t die?).
Terrible HUD, instant pistol switch (wat), classes can carry AR, Shotgun and a pistol (imba), player models can go through walls or can be seen through walls, minimap gives way too much detail (fire and you appear on enemy minimap for a while, including what direction you are facing), movement speeds are awkward.
Weapon system seems kind of cool with the option for loads of attachments, but it ventures into pay to win territory as buying with ingame credits will purchase stuff for 1 or 7 days (and is expensive as fuck)

Verdict: 4/10
Straight up broken, cant use anything other than default weapons because everything is so expensive

Bullet Run
Genre: Online FPS

Another CoD style ripoff, but this one has active skills instead of killstreaks.
I dont actually have that many complaints about this one, but the game is hugely let down by its pay system, you only make enough credits to cover overhead repair costs incurred from killing people, meaning you have to pay real money to be able to purchase anything in the game, and not that i would, but the real money prices are ridiculous as well – the idea is to get people to buy stuff from you, but when you price weapons at around £7 each (with a weapon sight being around £3 as well probably), at some point people are just going to buy CoD4/MW2/BF3 instead.

Verdict: 6/10
Okay FPS completely let down by its GIVE US MONEY structure