So is like an online internet version of Risk.
Conceptually, this is awesome.
In practice however, the game is slow, boring, snowbally, slow and tedious. Basically, the game isnt worth playing… yet.
A few of the problems that I can see are:
– It uses a pseudo real time system, both for resource generation and for combat , this results in people getting bored way before the game has ended
– The servers are shit, and everything takes way too many clicks to get done (this is the major one)
– Little too much emphasis on luck, both in combat, and the country you get when you start the game (ive started in Africa twice, and it sucks because the countries generate no income)
– Neutral countries require way too much strength to capture
– People have to sleep, I woke up once and saw that half my shit had been captured overnight, literally nothing I could have done.

Keep an eye out for this one, I believe they are making a V2…
Eventually, when they streamline it and/or get some servers which¬†aren’t¬†terrible, this will be a fun online game to play with up to 7 friends. For now though, its broken and shit.

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  • Hey there, I’m the creator of!

    “broken and shit” is exactly how I would describe v1. However, check it out again. v2 has been completely redone from the ground up. Much faster and less shit. Let me know what you think.

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