Best Before Date:

> My life is going to shit and im beginning to lose all hope of it ever picking up.A Depressing summary of my current life situation: – I work 2 seemingly dead end jobs, as an accounts assistant and as … Read More

XCOM : Enemy Unknown

So XCOM Enemy Unknown is apparently a remake of a game from 94 which ive never heard of (although realistically, 94 isnt even THAT old). I was very unimpressed with what I saw at Eurogamer expo, and as such had … Read More

Skyfall (2012)

Before I start, im going to go ahead and say Skyfall isnt a bad film.Its easy when writing reviews to always focus on the things that annoy you about the film and skyfall had these little annoyances by the truckload, … Read More

The Raid : Redemption (2011)

So ‘The Raid’ is the sort of action movie made for people like me, people with short attention spans, who probably dont watch films very often, and arent too bothered by a lack of cohesive plot solong as the film … Read More

Hotline Miami

A fairly out of nowhere indie game which has taken many by surprise. It caught my eye when I saw it at the eurogamer expo this year, and a week or so ago I finally managed to have some time … Read More