The Walking Dead (Video Game)

Despite the theoretical ease of it, not many game developers seem keen on bridging the gap between movies/TV and video games, There have been a few good attempts like the (probably) award winning Heavy Rain, and lesser known Farenheit (or Indigo Prophecy, depending on region), as well as a few series from Telltale Games, who have also made the recent Tales from Monkey Island, Sam and Max, and back to the future games.

As one can assume from the name, Telltale games are specialists in storytelling games, and their experience and speciality is starting to show off.
The walking dead video game is incredible, at current, almost half way through November, this is my game of the year, and if im honest, its probably also my ‘media of the year’, because whilst its technically game, it could easily double for a 10 hour long film or TV drama.

This might sting a little…

Gameplay is a mix of old school point and click adventuring with some easy puzzles, and then interactive movie sequences were you pick dialogue or actions, the latter is the star of the show here. As the game begins, it gives a very clear statement summarized as ‘this game series tailors the story to your actions’, what you say or do in episode 1 can easily come back to bite you in the ass, tell a guy you hate him? maybe he’ll be in charge of your life later. This form of storytelling is incredible, even conversation options where you dont pick something in time and abstain from the conversation can be picked up, with other characters recognizing your silence. This combined with certain action and decision sequences will have you quickly roleplaying yourself in the game, what would YOU do? how would YOU react? and so, you get involved in the constantly twisting story that is the walking dead, which in turn gives the game further more impact when someone dies or doublecrosses you.

Don’t ever leave me Clem ;_;

I feel this is a good time to introduce you all to the 8 year old that is going to make you wish you had a child of your own. Don’t have any paternal instinct? You do now!
Clementine is the most lovable character in video game history, by the end of episode 5 you will be apologising profusely to her for your past mistakes, please don’t hate me clem, he had to die! It was all for you! I would shoot every other character in the face if it meant Clementine were to stay safe

tldr; This is the game of the year, Clementine needs you.

The game is currently 50% off in the Steam Autumn Sale, bringing it down to £10.49, approximately £1 per hour of godlike storytelling and dialogue, or £0.50p per tear you will shed.

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