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<<<< Warning: Depressing IRL Post >>>>

My life is going to shit and im beginning to lose all hope of it ever picking up.
A Depressing summary of my current life situation:

– I work 2 seemingly dead end jobs, as an accounts assistant and as a waiter. Shit pay at both
– Live at home, not enough money to move out
– No girlfriend, no hope of getting one because the girls I work with arent my type and I rarely go out
– Rarely go out because my primary friend group are all fucking useless at keeping in contact or doing anything, even playing or chatting online is too much effort for them
– Uni friend group are spread too far and too thin to do anything
–¬†Restaurant¬†friend group are too different (raised on drugs and alcohol rather than books and vidya)
– Can’t find a ‘good’ job, so many applications declined i’ve lost the motivation to continue trying
– Distract myself from how shit life is by playing video games and learning to play the piano, though recently even my online friends seem to be disappearing
– Way worse at Japanese than everyone believes
– Write a blog that nobody ever reads

Lets put it this way, if the mayans are right, fuck yeah.

I need to get my life back on track, I just don’t know quite how ._.

I feel like my time is rapidly running out, nothing seems more pathetic than a 23 year old Biomedical Science graduate (from a National top 5 University) who is working as a fucking Waiter.
If anyone fancies chucking a £20k job and a wife my way, that would be awesome.

ps. Its sort of crazy to think how much this JET programme would change my life around if I got a place, fingers crossed.

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