Tales from the rift (Silver III -> Silver II)

So yesterday after work was probably the most intense 2 games of League of Legends in recent memory.
Im still not entirely sure how I feel about the new ranked game system, with its divisions and tiers, and even the promotion series stuff. However, I can tell you that the promotion series is intense.
I remember hearing them talk about how they want the promotion series to feel like a tournament environment rush of desperately wanting to win your best of 3 series, and its true.

Game 1

Game starts, I go to help leash for the jungler (sejuani, who is not known for her incredible jungling speed as is), I start in blue bush, go down to wolves, up to blue – and into their whole fucking team.
They murder me, its brutal and yet over quickly. Sejuani gets pulled. DOUBLE KILL!
Fuck. Thats not good.
I head to lane and check the scoreboard. [Akali 2/0/0 5cs]Fuuuuuuuu.
I go to lane and try to harass her. I Check Akali’s build – she has 9 health potions and 2 wards
Our bot lane gets wiped, our jungler gets killed once or twice.
Im about ready to call surrender by 10 mins.
I lose lane phase. Hard. 5 deaths in 20 mins or so. Im building Warmogs first item before I even have boots – followed by 2 null magics (thankfully I decided to start Crystal Flask, but i still bought about 12 hp pots during lane phase)
Akali has a gunblade at around 15 mins, out CS’ing me by about 50 creeps.
The other lanes have somehow pulled it back slightly, evening the score to 4/10 and 1 dragon in our favour. The team fights start and I go beast mode, Peel for graves like a champion, Pink ward down as soon as Akali appears – Anti-Akali mode is engaged, she already raped me, I refuse to let her rape my carries as well.
We fuck them in teamfights, and take objectives, towers, 2 dragons, a baron and take an inhibitor.
Its tense, a twin shadows/Blitz combo catches lux out of position 3 times, letting them take back an inhibitor and our inner towers, But one last good teamfight and we shove into their base, 4 down. Nexus down. Victory. Fucking glorious comeback.

Game 2

“Pick an AP top, I go Vi mid”
Im hating this game already and it hasn’t even started yet
We end up with the team you see above (aka. fucking retarded team).
I already know that if the game goes much further than 30 mins we’re going to be fucked by thornmail on all 5 of their team.
The game goes pretty normally for the first half, Yorick is losing hard to Elise because nocturne is camping him, Vi is winning against ryze (somehow) and we trade double kills bot lane, junglers preoccupied elsewhere.
Shit starts to get real around the teamfights though, in that every teamfight that unfolds seems more like a train of death lead by xin and vi – the single target lockdown is insane, Ryze entering the fight triggering flash ults from Vi and everybody piling in like an unwelcome gatecrash.
We take their middle inhibitor around 23m, and start to take down their 2nd inhib before we force the surrender vote from them. A smoother game than I expected, but hey, its ranked, I’ll take it.
Its just as well the game ended there though, as postgame analysis showed they were all well on their way to armorsville. Noct with a randuins for a total ~180 armor, Elise with Seekers and a sunfire (~150 total armor) and Ryze’s Frozen heart probably nearing completion…