Bioshock Infinite

I was thoroughly enjoying Bioshock Infinite, then it ended. Welcome to Columbia. Lets take a few steps back first though. I remember the first time I played the original Bioshock, I enjoyed that game, however something about it made that … Read More

The Shake Up

So, I feel like a new subchapter in my life will be starting soon, those who vaguely follow my life will know that I have been working in a restaurant for the past year or so part time, and work at an … Read More

Red Bull Red/Blue/Silver

Red bull’s recently released new flavors seem to have taken a leaf out of the average Pokemon gameboy release. I Tried them all so y’all dont need to waste your money on this shit. Blue / BlueberryActually tastes worse than … Read More


I remember when I was young, around 1998 (which would have made me around 9 or 10) I would need to go to work with my father sometimes as there was nobody at home, My dad is an accountant, and … Read More


Antichamber is an interesting experience, I went into the game with almost no prior knowledge of what the game was – and to some extent, even a few hours in, I still don’t really know what the game is. I feel like … Read More

Metal Gear Rising : Revengeance

Metal Gear Revengeance might be one of the most enjoyable games I’ve ever played.Its no secret that im a massive fan of Platinum Games, and its games like this which remind me why – MGR is everything a game of … Read More

Tomb Raider 2013

The facial animation and subtle head movements will go mostly unnoticed, but help add authenticity to the experience. nothing says last gen like protagonist who doesn’t give a shit about his surroundings. So Tomb Raider is a game i’ve been looking forward … Read More