Antichamber is an interesting experience, I went into the game with almost no prior knowledge of what the game was – and to some extent, even a few hours in, I still don’t really know what the game is.

I feel like explaining the game, or describing what occurs in it too much would ruin the experience, so I can only recommend the game and tell you to play it.

One thing I will say however, is the ‘special effects’ that the game uses, are very creative and something I havent seen in a game before. Parts of the game will definitely make you “wooaaah” out loud.

Note: the eyeball thing you can see twice here? Its the same one…

One thing I will say however, is that the RRP on this one is pretty steep at £15, I personally would value this game at around £8 – a price point the game will likely drop to come sale period.
There are maybe 3 hours of gameplay here, but little replayability.