The Shake Up

So, I feel like a new subchapter in my life will be starting soon, those who vaguely follow my life will know that I have been working in a restaurant for the past year or so part time, and work at an Payroll/Bookkeeping agents.
I’m about to quit both jobs.
Not particularly because I hate them both (though I do) but because I am terrified of being stuck in a dead end job which I dislike, particularly true for my waitering job.
I do not have a job in reserve, or any form of backup, other than my own personal savings, I hope my JET application will be approved and hopefully that will give me something to occupy the next 1 or 2 years of my life (and i’ll be hearing back from that in early April), however should I fail this, I may indeed be in some trouble.
This isn’t really made much better by my mum apparently wanting to kick me out of the house soon because i’m not taking work seriously.