Little Witch Academia (OVA)

Little Witch Academia is a surprise joy from new studio ‘Trigger’, a bunch of ex-gainax folk lead by the same director as Panty and Stocking and Gurren Lagann.Its a 26 minute standalone OVA set in an imaginative fantasy world full … Read More

Apparently KPOP aint bad.

I hadn’t really be exposed to much KPOP before a few days ago, I had heard the occasional track through DJ Amaya’s stuff (who remixes Korean, Japanese and other tracks into club music) but I had never truly listen to it … Read More

Company of Heroes 2 (Preview)

All opinions and pictures are from the closed beta of CoH2. as such the game will likely change, hopefully get better, and so on. Take everything written here with a pinch of salt. There used to be trees and stuff here. Then … Read More

Re: North Korea “In a commentary carried by the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA), the communist country lashed out at Tokyo’s standing orders to destroy any missile heading toward Japan, threatening such actions will result in a nuclear attack against the island … Read More

‘Always Online’

The current debate over the ‘Always Online’ neccesity of the Xbox720 is pretty justified, emphasised by the fact that Adam Orth has since been let go from Microsoft for his recent twitter rant. Always online shouldn’t really be a problem, … Read More