JET Programme 2013 Application Result

Le Sigh.

Rather annoyingly, this is pretty much the worst scenario for me.
Obviously I would have preferred to be on the shortlist and so not have to worry about this sort of  thing, but I might have been happier just seeing ‘Declined’ instead of ‘Maybe, Maybe Not’.

I now have to fill in a ton of forms, get health checks, police checks (which apparently might cost me up to £100) and send them all off (they want them by recorded post as well for some reason) and then they’ll let me know if im going anytime between now and supposedly December (though another website says promotion past End of June is very unlikely).

With a confirmed I could have gotten a part time job and worked on my Japanese or something to prepare, but now I guess I pretty much have to assume its a fail and look for a full time job – and nothing is going to piss me off more than if I get a full time job with a contract and then they offer me a position…

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  • hey i found your blog when i was looking for JET tips. I didn’t even get an interview, but I’ve got an Interac interview soon, why didn’t you apply to Interac or eikaiwas?

    • Half and half between:
      – I took it as a sign that it’s not meant to be, they say everything happens for a reason…
      – I have never even heard of Interac or Eikaiwas

      • Ah fair enough. Interac sends ALTS to schools, it’s easier to get into but it’s lower pay and you fork out the plane ticket. Eikaiwas are private English schools, they pay good but it’s like a business so you might have to sell shit to your students. The hours aren’t great either.

        I trolled through a couple of your posts, I feel I can relate quite a bit. I graduated with a good degree but I’m not interested in pursuing it for a career. In fact, I don’t want any type of corporate career (especially not in the UK). Teaching English to foreign students seems easy and hopefully let’s me travel/explore new cultures.

        You seem pretty chill so good luck with whatever!

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