JET Programme Application Result Confirmation

AKA. The stuff the JET Programme doesn’t mention when you sign up.

So one of the things they neglected to mention on the previous letter where they said you need a certificate of health and a police check, is the cost of these things.

The police check to remain on the reserve list is £10, however if you are a shortlist candidate it is £50 – should you be on reserve and then get promoted? Yep. £60.

And then the certificate of health? oh boy.

This is the letter I sent to my GP, and the reply that they gave back

The short version? The Certificate of Health is going to cost me £180 – and after submitting all these things, I may still not even end up going.

Just to sum this all up, the JET programme so far… (and still not even a confirmed shortlist candidate)

– 1000 word personal statement
– Longass application form
– Statement of Physician
– Copy of transcript (which I think cost me £20 for 5 as well)
– 2 Sealed references

– 20 Minute interview
– English Test

– £180 certificate of health
– £10-£60 Police form