Apparently KPOP aint bad.

I hadn’t really be exposed to much KPOP before a few days ago, I had heard the occasional track through DJ Amaya’s stuff (who remixes Korean, Japanese and other tracks into club music) but I had never truly listen to it to much depth.

I recently started listening to 2NE1 after hearing their track on Dance Central 3, this is where I found they actually have a very heavy beat and lots of nice synth – most of their tracks seem to be a mix of dance, hiphop and pop – which I am pretty okay with.
Heres one of their English songs if you want a sample of what im talking about

After this, or rather, whilst downloading some of their music, i stumbled upon isohunts ‘KPOP & STUFF’ releases – – Massive packs of 100+ songs per pack, of which I presume are hits (but I honestly haven’t a clue), after having a listen through the first and second packs, I realised that I hadn’t actually skipped a single track, this stuff is good…
I was shocked.
I’m not actually sure if its just this pack which is filled of this sort of music, but for now, I kind of just expect korean music to be essentially dance music mixed with a little hiphop.

If you fancy something different, i’d definitely recommend grabbing Packs 1 and/or 2 from the link above.