Little Witch Academia (OVA)

Little Witch Academia is a surprise joy from new studio ‘Trigger’, a bunch of ex-gainax folk lead by the same director as Panty and Stocking and Gurren Lagann.
Its a 26 minute standalone OVA set in an imaginative fantasy world full of (as you may have guessed) witches and magic, the short story follows Akko and friends through her time at the academy in a plot which feels oh so very Harry Potter. Being only 26 minutes, the OVA does a fantastic job of condensing essentially a whole movie into just the bare minimum – friendships are made, rivalries are formed, and the whole thing even gets a solid end to fit its flashy opening sequence.

Give this a try, the youtube version has English subtitles embedded, and is available up to 1080p (and it really looks lovely in HD).