Prison Architect (Alpha 10) Preview

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So I’ve been hearing some good stuff about this game, its from British studio ‘Introversion software’, best known for Darwinia and DEFCON and Uplink (all pretty good games).

Prison Architect is a bit of a curveball from them, as whilst most of their previous games have an emphasis on real time combat, Prison Architect feels and plays like a ‘Bullfrog’ game, that is, a business/management sandbox game.

Guys please stop rioting. PLEASE.

Though it has a very simplistic art style, you’ll be too busy doing other things to pay it much heed, sure it doesn’t have blockbuster graphics, but really as long as you are enjoying the game, you’ll soon forget all about it, as you become immersed in expanding your prison (or as I found it, trying to quell the constant riots).
Gameplay will be familiar to anyone who has played Dungeon Keeper or Theme Hospital, you build a prison from scratch, zone out where you want your facilities, corridors, cell blocks and etc.
Then you can research better stuff, or unlock more facilities as your prison grows.
It’s an effective tried and tested formula, and Prison Architect does it well, the fact that I started playing at some point and then it was midnight all of a sudden is proof. The twist of the game which seperates it from other bullfroggy games is that prison inmates don’t take shit from no guards…

My prison was going pretty well, few hours of play in, and then all of a sudden – riots. Riots everywhere.
Prison inmates are punching the shit out of everything they can get their hands on, toilets, their bed, cell doors, the guards..

GUYS PLZ ;_____;

In summary, Prison Architect is shaping up very nicely, I actually forgot it was an Alpha build until I started typing this up because it already feels like there are a lot of features, and the core gameplay is already there. If this is the sort of fun they can give in an Alpha version, then I verymuch look forward to the Beta’s and the eventual full release.
There are a few little issues here and there (sometimes your workers wont build stuff no matter how much you ask, environment can glitch, pathing can be weird, guard AI is bad) but there isn’t anything here that’s a real dealbreaker – so-long as they get rid of it before an official release.

Cart Life

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Cart Life is a unique game made by ‘Richard Hofmeier’, the game is billed as a retail simulation game, but in reality this game is so much more.

The game begins with you selecting a storyline, the two initial stories unlocked are Andrus the newspaper seller, and Melanie the coffee stand vendor.
I selected Melanie to start with, a recent divorcee who is struggling to raise money to take custody of her daughter Laura, the game starts with a conversation with Mel’s sister, who has offered to take us in, and then after a VERY brief tutorial, brushing our teeth and going to bed, we are dumped in the world.

Much like Melanie herself, you are thrown into the world pretty much clueless, you know roughly what you would need to start a business sure, but how does one actually go about doing so?
To run her business Melanie needs a sellers cart, equipment, stock (coffee, milk, cups, sugar…) , permits and more, but then the decisions begin, where do you set up? what quality coffee beans do you go for?

This bit was great fucking fun, it was the best simulation of waiting in line i’ve ever seen >_>”

And then comes the drama, the chores, and everything else that comes with life.
My first day, despite being reminded, I managed to fail at picking up my daughter from school, not only does she probably hate me, but the ex-husband comes by to bring her home.
It’s weird little scenes like this that have a surprising impact, particularly because the scenarios presented are just so lifelike.

I don’t even know what my ex-husband did, but I hate him.

After eventually getting my cart set up – an ordeal in itself requiring waiting for hours at the courthouse, selling my personal possessions to be able to afford stock and a bunch of other horrific stuff… Finally got the shop up. And then comes the serving – which is, similar to everything else about this game – stressful. As soon as a customer places their order you are on the clock, you have to remember what they ordered, physically type out “Be careful, its hot” and then take their money and do mental math to work out how much change to give them, all under 15 seconds or so, at which point you lose the sale and they walk away.

Get real life work skills to put on your CV

Other notes:
Graphically, very minimalistic, and greyscale, perhaps an ode to the grey monotony of the working life most of us lead, it is however sufficient enough to get the game across, and in some senses may actually heighten the experience as the brain as a lovely tendency to fill in the gaps with our imagination.
In terms of music, the game is equal parts depressing real life silence and quirky chiptune, its OK, but nothing too memorable.

Though I only spent a few hours playing, I can safely say that Cart Life is one of the best simulations of real life I have seen, much like the real world it is based on, this game is harsh, stressful and unforgiving. Every action has a reaction and it seems impossible to play without a certain feeling of strangulation. Whilst not what I would call a ‘relaxing way to unwind after work’, Cart Life is a very unique video game experience unlike any other, and playing it will make you understand how it won 3 prizes at IGF2013

The game is available as a free download on the authors website with 2 stories, or $5 for 3 stories

Actual Worth / Shop Price :  £5? / £FREE = ??
(I have no idea how much I would actually pay for this)
Should you play it : Give it a go, but be warned that this game is pretty much the exact polar opposite of a ‘good time’
Rating: 4/5

Call of Juarez : Gunslinger

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Call of Juarez: Gunslinger is the 4th game in the CoJ franchise, it is a series I’ve personally never had problems with, however I did completely skip ‘The Cartel’ because of the reviews surrounding it.
The game is developed by Polish games studio ‘Techland’, who also make the Dead Island series – but aren’t known for producing anything else worth commenting on.

Gunslinger shares many similarities with its predecessors; dual revolvers, dueling, slow motion and unfaultable gunplay, this outing has for whatever reason (I presume development costs) decided to steer away from the fantastic semi-open world gameplay of CoJ Bound In Blood, in favor of a very linear arcade style shooter. Gunslinger is missing many of the innovations made in previous games like horseback gunplay, epic set pieces and true character development, these losses do make the game feel more shallow as a whole, however the fun to be found in the game stands strong.

Yes, that border is always there, No, you wont notice it whilst playing.

The game begins with Silas Greaves entering a bar and sitting down for a drink, before long he ends up sharing a story with some folk in the bar, and thus we have our game. The entire game is told as a recollection, with running storytelling from Silas throughout, this method of storytelling felt somewhat similar to a very extreme version of the amazing storytelling in Remedy games Alan Wake and Max Payne. Being that the story is a recollection, the way the conversation between Silas and his audience flows directly affects the game itself, the plot jumps and skips backwards and forwards as Silas remembers the story – and its a genius way of both storytelling and directing the player.

Parts of the story end up being retold multiple times from different perspectives, one level in the game started being told someone in the bar, a telling of marching through the town to assault a bank – the story told in the legends, Silas cuts in before the climax – “Sorry son, but that’s not how it went down at all” – The game turns western filmgrain and begins to rewind, “It was dusk, not high noon, I was riding in from the east…” – The sky darkens before our eyes and we are suddenly set behind the bank instead, the story continues from Silas’s perspective.

“Wait wait, im getting this story all mixed up, that’s not what happened at all”

Another memorable moment from the story involves Silas telling how he spotted a shortcut path, the ingame camera cuts to the shortcut and a path forms from seemingly nowehere – the next few minutes of fighting eventually lead you to an ambush and death, with the same ‘Game over’ screen you would normally get from dying – “Im sure glad I didnt opt to take that path, im sure that would have ended badly” – The game rewinds. This unique method of introducing alternate universes was very cool, and something I haven’t really seen in an FPS game before.

‘Concentration’ mode in effect. It is awesome.

At the core of Gunslinger is of course the shooting, and the shooting is fantastic Some may argue that the game is not much more than a shooting gallery throughout, but is that really that big of a problem? What else were you expecting to do in a first person shooter game?
Gunslinger addresses this problem by making the shootouts so satisfying that you end up quite happy to fight against constant waves of bandits assaulting your position.
There are only 4 proper weapons in the game, sounds bad, but in reality you will happily just use the dual revolvers to kill everyone, because revolvers are fucking sweet. Guns shoot true, headshots are powerful, reloading whilst firing isn’t a burden (firing cancels reload animations), and the special abilities really add to the experience as a whole.

What special abilities? Gunslinger has a ‘concentration’ meter which can be activated even when half full to give Slow-mo and enemy highlighting, this bar refills pretty damn fast (especially later in the game after upgrades) and really helps even the odds and in turn allows the game to throw more enemies at you at once.
Another special ability is called ‘Sense of Death’ and acts as a last chance system, it refills on its own over time and is activated automatically upon taking lethal damage – the camera zooms in on an enemy and time slows, the bullet becomes visible, you get a chance to dodge the shot which would kill you by leaning left or right, if successful you gain a slight second wind and have a chance to clear enemies or get to cover. It is very similar to the showdown sequences in ‘John Woo’s Stranglehold’, and is just as satisfying and awesome to look at here.
Finally there are the reflex segments, which are gunslingers method of introducing quicktime events to the game, this again plays out very VERY similar to the showdown sequences in stranglehold, but with a quicktime twist – The camera cuts to new enemies and time slows, then key prompts appear on screen   (WASD for me), pressing the right key fires a bullet at the enemy and the camera spins around to the next, failing the encounter means a cut back to normal FPS action where you will have to dispatch them all yourself (usually at your disadvantage since there will be 6 of them from all directions).

‘Sense of Death’ in effect. Looks like this one would have hurt.

There is also an XP system integrated into the game, pretty standard affair, you gain XP for stylish killings, combo kills, finding secrets…. Y’know, normal arcade shooter stuff.
The XP buys upgrades in 3 trees (Revolvers/Rifles/Shotguns) and most of the upgrades are sweet.
Upgrading the revolver tree for example allows you to reload faster, shoot faster, more concentration, concentration refills upon 6x multiplier…
Rifle tree is based more around ranged encounter, so more zoom, slight slow-mo on aim.. etc
and the shotgun tree is based around that bucka-buck.
Getting through the trees awards the player with new upgraded weapons (quickload revolvers, faster firing rifles, Dual sawn off shotguns…) and is a nice little reward for speccing heavy into a single tree.

Nice to see a skill tree full with skills that are actually desirable for a change.

Finally, there are the bosses, who are introduced via an awesome little cutscene which turns into western drawing. Most of these end up as showdown duels but some are on gatlings or other things.
The showdowns themselves are pretty good, I think I preferred the draw style in CoJ:BiB (Sweep mouse down to grab gun, pull mouse up to aim and fire) however the playstyle in Gunslinger is certainly tense and skillful.
Left/Right controls your hand position, you want to keep your hand over your gun to increase your ‘draw speed’, your mouse controls your focus, maintaining focus on your enemy results in a gradual zoom allowing for better/easier shooting in the actual firing phase. When your opponent goes for his gun, ‘fire’ draws your gun and then you get to play with the floaty crosshair as you try to fire before he does, firing before your fully draw your gun ends up wasting a shot and essentially getting you killed.

Worth noting also, that completion of the game unlocks ‘True West’ mode, which is basically a completely HUDless experience. It is AWESOME. Single revolver and rifle now have their purposes as precision weapons, whilst dual revolvers are trickier to use because of the lack of a crosshair.

I’ve written a hell of a lot for such a ‘small’ game. I should wrap this up.

Call of Juarez: Gunslinger is a brilliantly made run and gun FPS game, it may not have the depth of  the so called AAA titles but the actual fun from gunfighting in this game easily tops that of Call of Duty, Bioshock Infinite, and other big titles from massive studios. This game with its tight shooting mechanics and unique storytelling method may well have just snuck its way into my next top 10.
Gunslinger is far from long, but then, its far from expensive. Pick it up and enjoy the ride the next time you fancy shooting guys without thinking too much.

Approximate Game Length :  ~5 Hours (Main Story on Hard), there are extra ‘arcade’ missions too though.
Actual Worth / Shop Price :  £18 / £12 = 1.5
Should you play it : If you are a fan of the FPS genre, this is a must play. Just don’t be expecting too much more than an old style corridor shooter.
Rating: 5/5

XboxOne – And why if they dont step it up at E3, they will lose to sony.

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The Sony hype train is still going pretty strong after their Februrary announce, their show was a strong one showing off some amazing ingame graphics and plenty of exclusives. The console itself had a share button and a few other gimmicks (touchscreen pad etc) but for the most part it was clearly being marketed as a next generation video games console.

And then we have the Microsoft XboxOne announce yesterday, a hulking beast of a console which comes bundled with a Kinect 2.0, which also looks to be fucking huge. Microsoft have gone the way of attempting to replace your TV box, and whilst this may work in theory, im not sure how many people would be willing to go out of their way and make that change – most tech-savvy people nowadays stream or download their TV from the internet, and those who aren’t tech-savvy…. you think they’re gonna want to replace their cable box with a games console?

An inside look at xboxone development included this line – “We purposefully did not target the highest end graphics. We targeted it more as a broad entertainment play.” – Im sure i’ve heard this sort of argument somewhere else before about a console that isn’t doing so well right now.
Most are presuming that the underwhelming graphical power is because of the physical cost of bundling a Kinect2 with every console (and not charging $799 for the thing), presumably the Kinect and all of its fancy motion gesture and voice command things will also be pulling computational power from the console itself at all times Anyone who saw the conference will likely agree that Call of Duty Ghosts didn’t look all that great really, it looked slightly above current Gen console level, and probably still behind the graphical quality we can see in games like Battlefield 3 on highest on PC.
also. nobody gives a shit about the scar on the dogs nose. Like seriously? That’s your cutting edge technology? High res textures?

And then there are the other problems….
– No used games (without extra activation costs)
– Necessity to be online at least once every 24 hours
– DDR3 as opposed to sonys GDDR5
– Only 5 GB of ram (as 3gb is reserved for the ‘3 OS’s ‘)
– No backwards compatability
– The shitty name
– Probably lots more.

Heres a rumored specs list taken from a sankaku article

・CPU: Jaguar 8 Core CPU @ 2.0GHz
・GPU: Radeon GPU @ 1.84TFLOPS
・Memory: 8GB GDDR5 @ 176GB/s
・Backwards compatible with previous PS* games
・Can remote play on PSV
・PlayStation Eye
・Supposedly plays used games
・Est. price: $300-$500
・Has a Share button!

Xbox One
・CPU: Jaguar 8 Core CPU @ 1.6GHz
・GPU: D3D 11.1 GPU @ 1.2TFLOPS
・Memory: 8GB DDR3 @ 68GB/s
・No backwards compatibility
・Now has Blu-ray & TV support, in the US at least
・Plays used games if you pay again
・Est. price: $300-$500
・Has Windows 8!

All rumors, but those hardware specifications seem like they will become outddated pretty damn quickly over the course of the next console cycle (which I would expect to last at least as long as the current one, if not longer – so 8+ years)

TLDR; E3 better be real fuckin’ good Microsoft, and those 8 new IP’s better kick ass.

Heres a video summary of the entire conference

Project Burst

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So we’ve been sort of working on our little game project, we may get a development blog up eventually if Dilly feels like it (since he’s weblord, I could always start up a wordpress blog if not but we’ll see).
Its slowly starting to come together, so far we have a studio name, game name and have a fair idea on the primary mechanics and hooks for gameplay. 
We’re currently working on story, levels, artstyle and I think (or hope) one of our talented (lol) programming team will start slowly getting something together.
Once we have story and levels, i’ll probably be doing level design, world, enemy ideas, bosses, etc.

Im quite looking forward to being able to let my mind run loose a little and actually think up stuff that I actually have a passion for.

In the meantime, here’s how my Maya is progressing.
First item I tried making. Beamsword style weapon, inspired a little by Travis’s weapon from no more heroes. I would hope it makes a satisfying FWISHSHHH noise upon firing up.
Second item, got to experiment around a little more with cuboidal objects, and learned how to round off/smooth objects. Its very roughly modelled upon a Glock 18C but hell, all handguns look the same really.
Starting to get into big boy league. Im pretty fucking proud of this one considering the amount of time i’ve been using Maya, and the training i’ve had on it. Its an autoshotgun concepted from scratch, with inspiration from numerous other shotguns. The problem with designing army based weaponry is that its hard to think up something new that doesn’t look retarded.

Thats all for now, I feel like im making considerable progress. I should probably learn how to apply textures. Aside from that, might try making assault rifle or sniper rifle next.

The toast is in the oven.

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Sent some overseas mail today, here was the fun conversation I had with the post office lady.

Me: Whats the cheapest way I can get this to Estonia
PO: uhhmm… well… 2 day delivery is around £50
Me: …….. no
PO: or theres 5 day recorded for £6
Me: Is there nothing cheaper?
PO: Can just send it by mail, 88p

Like…. I realise that because you work in a Post office your first language probably isnt English (British Joke right there), but jesus fuck is it that hard to understand that I want the cheapest delivery method?

Nonetheless. Toast is in the oven. Now I just have to play the waiting game.

Speedboost get

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Granted i can’t tell how fast it’ll run when everyone in my house is streaming, but for now…. not bad.

I actually ordered a new wireless card as well because I think my current card is pretty old and holding me back (example – It doesnt have wireless N)

Bought and installed one of these –

Set up our second router to Wireless N @ 5ghz,  this was the result.

Side projects… side projects everywhere…

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Somehow, despite being unemployed I still feel like I have no time to do anything.
Heres some life updates:

Job Hunting: Going meh, sent out a fair few job applications and CV’s but haven’t received anything solid yet.

Job application log. Yes my handwriting is horrific.

Piano: I feel like im getting better, im starting to get more used to the black notes and stuff now. I still need to find some time to try and learn how to read proper sheet music though.

JET Programme: Finally got the health certificate sorted out (£180 and 5 trips to the GP later mind you.) , in addition my police subject access request form arrived today and says they have no records of me in the police database – so that’s always good.
Im going to submit the police form today and then its just the waiting game of seeing if they decide to upgrade me from reserve to shortlist – they say its highly unlikely to be upgraded after end of June, and deadlines for forms are on the 16th May and 17th June, so i’d imagine if I was to get upgraded it would be shortly after one of these dates due to candidates not being able to get their forms in on time.

Japanese Language: Up to 270 Kanji now, have started working through ‘basic kanji book vol2‘. The way they have done it kind of annoys me, as they are teaching Kanji in order or relevance – good for practical aspects I suppose, but annoying if I intend to try and learn each tier and take the japanese proficiency tests. Also, every character after the 150th is starting to look the same, and its bullshit.

Javascript: Coming along okay I guess, I spent a few hours the other day summarizing everything i’ve learnt onto paper, because apparently that helps me learn (or at the very least its nice to have something to fall back on)

VG Project: Some friends and I have decided we are going to attempt to make a video game, in hopes of learning lots of stuff. Im actually pretty excited at the prospect of being able to learn so many new things, from what I hear we’ll be using Unity 4 and some 3d art tools and stuff (maya or blender apparently). I am for now essentially creative lead on the project, and my vision is perhaps overly optimistic of what the finished product will be – that said, if we can make the game that is floating in my head right now, we’d actually be able to sell it for £20 or so (we wont, because its going to end up being a bunch of stick figures on an MS paint background with characters that clip through everything).
I dont want to give away much yet, but im thinking it’ll be like Contra + Gundemonium + Ikaruga + MVC3…. Yeah I know.

VG Journalism: Something i’d quite like to try getting into, but the current drought of games kind of isn’t helping, and I have no intention of reviewing Slender the Arrival soooo…
Have submitted a few applications though just to see if anything happens.

Video Games: Black ops 2 free weekend was a lot of fun, its a shame the game is so expensive (even when its on sale), if it was in the £20 range i’d probably buy a copy for the multiplayer.
Aside from this, i’ve been playing ‘You have to win the game’ which may get a short review.
My latest minecraft town is on old for now due to creative block and time constraints.

Other stuff:
– Stateside skates/Anarchy skates were kind enough to send me some extra skateparts even though I bought my skates about 10 years ago. Shoutouts to their customer service team.
– Did I mention Im going to see Perfume Live in July? I cant wait!
– I’ll likely be going to MCM expo (weekend of the 25th), if anyone else is going, let me know! I probably won’t be dressing up, but who knows?

Monaco : What’s yours is mine

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Monaco was the grand final winner of IGF back in 2010, I actually remember seeing a little bit about this game a year or two back but never really looked much more into it than that, and then suddenly, the game got released, everyone started talking about how great it was, and then silence.
The game is a few weeks old on PC but is set to see another wave of fandom when it releases on XBLA on the 10th of May.

Monaco at its heart is a 2d top down stealth game, it plays a little like a mix between old metal gear solid, and pac man, and its great.
Each mission plays out similarly, infiltrate, complete the objective, and then get out – Players are encouraged to try and play stealthy (especially on the later levels, where the guards are significantly less tolerant of your antics) at all times, using a mix of line of sight stealth, tools, unique character skills and hacking to get past all manner of obstacles like gun turrets, lasers, alarmed doors, patrol dogs, and of course the guards. Performance is judged by time, with penalties incurred for not ‘cleaning out’ the joint – each level is littered with coins and failing to collect them makes your time skyrocket and all your friends will laugh at your incompetency on the online leaderboards.

There are 8 characters to choose from, each with their own unique skills, some are more useful than others but they all have their distinct advantages depending on the level and the players style – in multiplayer getting a good teamcomp can make a heist significantly easier, an option you won’t get whilst playing singleplayer. There are also usable items scattered on the levels, weapons, smokebombs and EMP’s amongst others, which will make life easier.

Whilst there is a storyline and cutscenes between levels, it is fairly basic (though some dialogue lines can be entertaining).
There are a fair amount of levels, and then remixed (aka. Hard mode) levels which throw in more security and guards for you to bypass. Along with the leaderboard and achievements, if you have some friends there is some reasonable replayability and lifespan here (assuming you like scoreboarding).

There is no doubt that this game was made to be played in multiplayer, the levels are massive and the advantages provided by multiple operatives in the field are too good to pass up. With my circle of friends, multiplayer quickly became a romp to try and grab all the coins as fast as possible and zergrush our way to the end of the level, reviving each other along the way and occasionally luring guards away from friends (and other times, leading guards straight into friends).
The game can become rather chaotic at times, particularly when the camera zooms out to accomodate all players if they are on opposite sides of the map, and ‘minor’ details like cameras and laser traps can often go unnoticed when your friend is leading a conga-line of guards towards you.
ps. Local 4 player, thank you pocketwatch games.

In singleplayer this game becomes significantly more serious, you only get to pick one specialist (and thus only have 1 active skill) and if you die, you have to change character. I found myself almost always using the recon because the ability to see enemies through walls is so very useful (otherwise you have to rely entirely on line of sight – making it even harder than playing MGS without the radar).
The game in general becomes much much harder, some coins are near impossible to get to without careful planning and execution and getting caught is much more tense (unlike in multiplayer, where there almost always seemed to be someone getting chased around).

In multiplayer, Monaco is a fun and frantic twist on pacman, and in singleplayer, Monaco is a brilliantly structured stealth game with a slightly insane difficulty ramp. Regardless of how you choose to play it, Monaco is a charming, fun and unique game which deserves your attention. Should you be lucky enough to have 3 friends to play it with locally you’d be a fool not to buy this game at the price it is.

Approximate Game Length :  ~5 Hours for first playthrough
Actual Worth / Shop Price (Singleplayer Only):  £10 / £12 = 0.83
Actual Worth / Shop Price (w/ Online Multiplayer) :  £12 / £8* = 1.5
Actual Worth / Shop Price (w/ Local Multiplayer):  £12 / £3** = 4.0
Used prices for the 4 pack
**Based on 1 copy between 4
Should you play it : Absolutely. This game is an absolute blast in 4 player, and still a very solid stealth game in single player (particularly if you enjoy hard games)
Rating (MP): 5/5
Rating (SP): 4/5

100 Yen: The Japanese Arcade Experience (2012)

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100Yen is an hour long documentary originally funded by a kickstarter back in 2010 (I think anyway), it  takes us on a journey through the Japanese arcade landscape from the 80’s through to the current day with analysis into each of the major trends and shifts that happen. The documentary is well made and features a bunch of interviews from famous faces (assuming you know your pro gamers), everything is pretty well shot and presented with a subtle chiptune soundtrack throughout.

I really enjoyed watching in particular the segment about music games, which featured some footage of DDR freestyle (always entertaining to watch) along with being able to spot locations and arcades which I myself have been to whilst I was in Japan.

For those who haven’t visited an arcade in ages, or are unfamiliar with the arcade scene in Japan, the documentary is definitely worth a watch, and for the hardcore gamers and arcade regulars there is still enough material and interviews here to keep you interested.

The asking price on the website is a little steep for a 1 hour documentary however I’m sure there are other ways to watch it if you are so inclined.

Attack On Titan

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Havent had much to blog about lately due to time constraints (How? Im fucking unemployed now?!) so I thought I’d go ahead and tell you all once more that you all really need to watch Attack on Titan before more details of the plot leak out.

We’re up to episode 5 now and 3/5 of those episodes have had me saying ‘what the fuuuuuuccckkkkk’ louder than the last occasion. I have literally been recommending this show to everyone I know, but it’s even more important now because such crazy shit has occurred that if you don’t start watching soon, certain plot points might get spoiled for you.
I recommended the show to one friend of mine who, upon watching episode 5, ended up reading ahead in the manga – “it gets crazy” he says. Shit was already crazy so I can’t even imagine.

The emotions, art-style, soundtrack, animation quality and scale of this show is far above the average show, and this is so far possibly the best anime I have ever watched.

You should be watching this.

Episode 1 –
Episode 2 –
Episode 3 –
Episode 4 –
Episode 5 –