Prison Architect (Alpha 10) Preview

So I’ve been hearing some good stuff about this game, its from British studio ‘Introversion software’, best known for Darwinia and DEFCON and Uplink (all pretty good games). Prison Architect is a bit of a curveball from them, as whilst … Read More

Cart Life

Cart Life is a unique game made by ‘Richard Hofmeier’, the game is billed as a retail simulation game, but in reality this game is so much more. The game begins with you selecting a storyline, the two initial stories … Read More

Call of Juarez : Gunslinger

Call of Juarez: Gunslinger is the 4th game in the CoJ franchise, it is a series I’ve personally never had problems with, however I did completely skip ‘The Cartel’ because of the reviews surrounding it. The game is developed by … Read More

Project Burst

So we’ve been sort of working on our little game project, we may get a development blog up eventually if Dilly feels like it (since he’s weblord, I could always start up a wordpress blog if not but we’ll see). … Read More

The toast is in the oven.

Sent some overseas mail today, here was the fun conversation I had with the post office lady. Me: Whats the cheapest way I can get this to EstoniaPO: uhhmm… well… 2 day delivery is around £50Me: …….. noPO: or theres … Read More

Speedboost get

Granted i can’t tell how fast it’ll run when everyone in my house is streaming, but for now…. not bad. I actually ordered a new wireless card as well because I think my current card is pretty old and holding … Read More