Attack On Titan

Havent had much to blog about lately due to time constraints (How? Im fucking unemployed now?!) so I thought I’d go ahead and tell you all once more that you all really need to watch Attack on Titan before more details of the plot leak out.

We’re up to episode 5 now and 3/5 of those episodes have had me saying ‘what the fuuuuuuccckkkkk’ louder than the last occasion. I have literally been recommending this show to everyone I know, but it’s even more important now because such crazy shit has occurred that if you don’t start watching soon, certain plot points might get spoiled for you.
I recommended the show to one friend of mine who, upon watching episode 5, ended up reading ahead in the manga – “it gets crazy” he says. Shit was already crazy so I can’t even imagine.

The emotions, art-style, soundtrack, animation quality and scale of this show is far above the average show, and this is so far possibly the best anime I have ever watched.

You should be watching this.

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