Side projects… side projects everywhere…

Somehow, despite being unemployed I still feel like I have no time to do anything.
Heres some life updates:

Job Hunting: Going meh, sent out a fair few job applications and CV’s but haven’t received anything solid yet.

Job application log. Yes my handwriting is horrific.

Piano: I feel like im getting better, im starting to get more used to the black notes and stuff now. I still need to find some time to try and learn how to read proper sheet music though.

JET Programme: Finally got the health certificate sorted out (£180 and 5 trips to the GP later mind you.) , in addition my police subject access request form arrived today and says they have no records of me in the police database – so that’s always good.
Im going to submit the police form today and then its just the waiting game of seeing if they decide to upgrade me from reserve to shortlist – they say its highly unlikely to be upgraded after end of June, and deadlines for forms are on the 16th May and 17th June, so i’d imagine if I was to get upgraded it would be shortly after one of these dates due to candidates not being able to get their forms in on time.

Japanese Language: Up to 270 Kanji now, have started working through ‘basic kanji book vol2‘. The way they have done it kind of annoys me, as they are teaching Kanji in order or relevance – good for practical aspects I suppose, but annoying if I intend to try and learn each tier and take the japanese proficiency tests. Also, every character after the 150th is starting to look the same, and its bullshit.

Javascript: Coming along okay I guess, I spent a few hours the other day summarizing everything i’ve learnt onto paper, because apparently that helps me learn (or at the very least its nice to have something to fall back on)

VG Project: Some friends and I have decided we are going to attempt to make a video game, in hopes of learning lots of stuff. Im actually pretty excited at the prospect of being able to learn so many new things, from what I hear we’ll be using Unity 4 and some 3d art tools and stuff (maya or blender apparently). I am for now essentially creative lead on the project, and my vision is perhaps overly optimistic of what the finished product will be – that said, if we can make the game that is floating in my head right now, we’d actually be able to sell it for £20 or so (we wont, because its going to end up being a bunch of stick figures on an MS paint background with characters that clip through everything).
I dont want to give away much yet, but im thinking it’ll be like Contra + Gundemonium + Ikaruga + MVC3…. Yeah I know.

VG Journalism: Something i’d quite like to try getting into, but the current drought of games kind of isn’t helping, and I have no intention of reviewing Slender the Arrival soooo…
Have submitted a few applications though just to see if anything happens.

Video Games: Black ops 2 free weekend was a lot of fun, its a shame the game is so expensive (even when its on sale), if it was in the £20 range i’d probably buy a copy for the multiplayer.
Aside from this, i’ve been playing ‘You have to win the game’ which may get a short review.
My latest minecraft town is on old for now due to creative block and time constraints.

Other stuff:
– Stateside skates/Anarchy skates were kind enough to send me some extra skateparts even though I bought my skates about 10 years ago. Shoutouts to their customer service team.
– Did I mention Im going to see Perfume Live in July? I cant wait!
– I’ll likely be going to MCM expo (weekend of the 25th), if anyone else is going, let me know! I probably won’t be dressing up, but who knows?