Project Burst

So we’ve been sort of working on our little game project, we may get a development blog up eventually if Dilly feels like it (since he’s weblord, I could always start up a wordpress blog if not but we’ll see).
Its slowly starting to come together, so far we have a studio name, game name and have a fair idea on the primary mechanics and hooks for gameplay. 
We’re currently working on story, levels, artstyle and I think (or hope) one of our talented (lol) programming team will start slowly getting something together.
Once we have story and levels, i’ll probably be doing level design, world, enemy ideas, bosses, etc.

Im quite looking forward to being able to let my mind run loose a little and actually think up stuff that I actually have a passion for.

In the meantime, here’s how my Maya is progressing.
First item I tried making. Beamsword style weapon, inspired a little by Travis’s weapon from no more heroes. I would hope it makes a satisfying FWISHSHHH noise upon firing up.
Second item, got to experiment around a little more with cuboidal objects, and learned how to round off/smooth objects. Its very roughly modelled upon a Glock 18C but hell, all handguns look the same really.
Starting to get into big boy league. Im pretty fucking proud of this one considering the amount of time i’ve been using Maya, and the training i’ve had on it. Its an autoshotgun concepted from scratch, with inspiration from numerous other shotguns. The problem with designing army based weaponry is that its hard to think up something new that doesn’t look retarded.

Thats all for now, I feel like im making considerable progress. I should probably learn how to apply textures. Aside from that, might try making assault rifle or sniper rifle next.

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