Facey B

Thought i’d see what happens if I put a facebook page for the website up. If enough people actually get on it I may end up using it to announce content updates like I currently do with twitter (but not … Read More

Rogue Legacy

So anyone who has spoken to me in the last 2 days or so has probably heard me raving about metroidvania style roguelite game ‘Rogue Legacy’ by Canadian indie studio ‘Cellar Door Games’. The aim of the game is straight … Read More

Deadpool (PC) Review

Deadpool is a third person action game by High Moon Studios (most known for their Transformers games). The game features lovable (?) protagonist Deadpool, famed for his mental instability and constant breaking of the 4th wall, as such, the game … Read More

Magrunner: Dark Pulse

One of the major benefits of being a strong independent writer who don’t need no paycheck, is that I ultimately decide what I spend my time playing, I’m never forced to play through a bad game and then forced to … Read More

Henfest 2013

Coming to you live from henfest 2013 in Bournemouth,  a small backyard festival done by a friend of a friend to raise money for cystic fibrosis.  The journey down here was an absolute nightmare, with multiple large traffic jams along … Read More


Dyad has been on PSN for about a year now, but was released onto Steam in April 2013. Here’s a quick opinion on the game. Dyad is marketed as a musical racing game, and I suppose, in the broadest sense, it … Read More