Rating System

The only reason I’ve been kind of reluctant to add a ratings system so far is because personally, I usually just skim read an article and then look at the rating at the end. I hope people won’t start doing that but I figure if that’s what y’all want, who am I to stop you.

I’ve gone back to the start of 2013 and added ratings for all the games i’ve given proper reviews to.
The ratings system is out of 5, why 5? Because in the video games industry everyone wants to rate stuff between 5 and 10 out of 10, Bad games often get scores above what they deserve, and eventually everything falls into the 8-10 category anyway, why bother.
Ratings Explained:
0/5 – The game was so bad that I ‘tapped out’ as soon as I had finished formulating my opinion

1/5 – Not worth your time, nevermind your money.

2/5 – I’d recommend against it, but these games can be appealing if you are into that sort of thing.

3/5 – Could swing either way depending on your personal preference, Not great, but playable, just enough enjoyment/satisfaction to keep you playing. Probably best to pirate a copy

4/5 – An enjoyable/interesting game, which you should probably play should you have easy access to it.

5/5 – A great game which you should definitely play, these games are either very well polished, extremely fun, unique or (preferably) some combination of the 3.

Heres the current scoreboard for 2013

May COJ: Gunslinger 5 1.5
March Bioshock Inf 5 1.07
March Tomb Raider 5 1
May Monaco 4.5 2.11
May Cart Life 4 10
March Sniper GW2 4 0.52
April DeadSpace3 2 0.64
April Evoland 1 0.35
Feb Aliens Cm 1 0.066
March Resi6 0 0.125
I’ve also made ‘Game Review’ its own tag, incase you’re looking for that sort of thing