Game Project Progress – Area 1-1

So after about 5 days on-off work with Maya, the very first environment of the game is pretty much done. Obviously this may change slightly as I continue to learn new techniques, or perhaps after playtesting if we realise that its way too small, but for now…
Here’s Area 1-1, the interior of ‘The Silver Sky’, a bar in Nevada.
Shitty concept art drawn by myself
Horrific first attempt.

Decided to make each of the assets individually, started with the easy stuff like chairs, tables, then the lamps, the juke, bar area, and the pool table, the deer head ornament was the final thing I made, and was by far the hardest. Im actually pretty happy with how it turned out, all things considering.

Lot of work for something that is going to be in the background on the wall of a bar where literally 15 seconds of the game is going to take place..
Heres the (for now) finished level.

Looks p. decent to me, though im starting to worry if the game will ever get finished, we may have been slightly overambitious in terms of… everything. Not to mention that it feels like its essentially turned into a 2 man project for now.
Just the thought of having to make about 12 more areas, characters, weapons, enemies….
One can only hope the characters will turn out slightly better than my deer head.