11 dead. 26 injured. 20 jobs. $13,000. The week echoed in my mind like a gunshot in an empty street..
They don’t let me name names on this blog, but the person behind the hit I was investigating is dead now.
He played a dangerous game, and he didn’t have the cards.
I didn’t get the trigger man. When it came down to it, the cost of revenge was one I couldn’t pay.
I don’t know.
I guess I picked the least shitty of two incredibly shitty sides.
Maybe that doesn’t matter. Maybe all that matters is that I now have the ability to kick down doors.
Either way, I need a drink.

Gunpoint 2013-06-05 20-35-14-56

Gunpoint is yet another indie game released in the great AAA title drought of summer 2013, it is pretty much made by one guy and some artists, the guy in question is PC Gamer writer ‘Tom Francis’, and considering the team behind the game, this is a fantastic little piece of work.

So the basic premise of the game is to infiltrate a building, do something, and get out, the major mechanic in this game comes in the form of the crosslink gadget, this basically gives you the ability to rewire circuits and do crazy stuff.
I’d recommend you watch the trailer, as it’s hard to communicate in words, but an example use would be rewiring a lightswitch so that instead of turning on a light, it opens a door, or calls an elevator for a different floor.

Gunpoint 2013-06-05 21-19-36-52

The game is a ton of fun to play, it runs around 2 hours, which is pretty standard for small games like this, the problem is that these 2 hours are so enjoyable, the game feels like it only lasts half an hour. There is a create a level function built into the game, and it saves as a text file, so eventually I’m hoping the community will make some great level packs and things to add on to the lifespan of the game.
Once you properly get your head around the rewiring system and start making long chains of  signals, you’ll find yourself trying to make hilariously overcomplicated solutions to the most basic of problems. Bullfrogging onto an unsuspecting enemy and then punching them 200 times is also more enjoyable than it has any right to be, with hits having a very satisfying (almost slapping) sound.
Gunpoint does get harder towards the end, when more intricate circuits and guard patrols make your life hard, but there is always the skip level feature if needed, and there were no levels so hard that I felt they couldn’t be solved with a little logical thinking.

Gunpoint 2013-06-05 21-22-45-59

A special mention should be given to the dialogue as well, they only comprise small segments before and after each mission, but all the writing is very witty, the choose your own dialogue style works very well at portraying Conway (you) as a complete psycho.
Another thing Gunpoint does particularly well is its method of saving, the game constantly autosaves every 5 seconds or so without hitching gameplay, so any mistake you make can be easily rectified by rewinding 5,10 or 15 seconds back, this is a great call by the developer as I can imagine having to restart from the beginning after every death would quickly make the game tiresome (because you will get shot at least a few times in your playthrough)

Graphics are simple, with a pixel art style, it’s more than enough to get by, though nothing particularly spectacular.
Similar can be said about the game’s music and sounds, all are made competently, but nothing aside from the punching noise really stands out or is memorable.

The crosslink gameplay hook in Gunpoint proves that at the end of the day, a video game need not be beautiful, so long as it is fun and innovative, and gunpoint has both in abundance.
Funny dialogue and plot helps keep you entertained in the interlude between missions, and other minor but noticeable design choices all come together to help you focus on what the game does best – Stealth puzzle gameplay.

Approximate Game Length :  2 Hours for main story, but has custom level support from launch.
Actual Worth / Steam Price:  £10 / £7 = 1.42
Should you play it : Yes! Its great fun, and a nice little mental workout too. Those 2 hours will fly.
Rating: 5/5

Note: I do not recommend playing it at your native res if you have a big monitor, the game is pixel based so everything was ridiculously small @ 1920×1080.

Oh, i made a video too. Enjoy.