So you want to play League of Legends (3) – Laning Phase

So you want to play League of Legends (1) – Basics/Winning/Roles/Items

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So the game begins, you buy up your stuff, guard jungle to protect from jungle invades (sneak attack) and then head to lane, this’ll happen every game, and what happens in the lane phase essentially dictates the flow for the rest of the game.

So the objective of the laning phase is to gain a gold advantage over your enemy, the most effective way of doing this is by last hitting every enemy minion, and repeatedly killing the enemy laner – obviously this scenario almost never happens because other players are trying to do the exact same to you.

The meta objective of laning is to destroy the towers in that lane, though generally once the first tower has fallen, players tend to start roaming and the game will soon transition into the teamfight phase.

Last hitting

Last hitting might be the most important skill to learn in League of Legends, even I (after >1k games) can’t achieve 100% cs (creep score, aka. last hits).
– You can play aggressive and last hit by taking a enemy minions from 100% to 0% health, this will lead to you pushing the lane to their tower, it is more risky as it opens you up to ganks from other lanes, however if you know you are safe, it can give an advantage by forcing the enemy to have to compete with the tower for last hits (something which bad players are unable to cope with).
– You can play defensive by simply getting the ‘last hit’, waiting for your minions to damage the enemy minions until they are on a sliver of health, and then finishing them off – Remember to look at your own AD at the bottom left of the screen to remind you how much damage you are able to do with a hit. This method of last hitting often makes the wave push towards your side, and is useful for controlling the lane and making the enemy more overextended.

League of Legends autoattack range indicator
Pressing A on your keyboard, or hovering your mouse over your AD will show your attack range, which is pretty useful so you can see what sort of range you will be in should you decide go for a last hit


The objective of trading damage with the enemy laner is to get them out of lane, either by making them recall, or by outright killing them, why do you want them out of lane? So they can’t last hit the minions, with this in mind, remember that missing minions to trade is a bad deal if they are still able to last hit successfully – You are fighting them to prevent them from farming, if you are losing farm yourself by trying to make them lose farm, what’s the point?

The most effective trades are the ones where they are unable to retaliate, or where you do lots of damage to them, and they do minimal damage to you.
As such, champions that can do damage and then get out, or straight up outrange their opponents excel at trades
examples include: Caitlyn (range), Ezreal (range), Yorick (range and slow), Fizz (Damage->Escape), Leblanc (Range and escape)
To minimize the window where they are able to fight back, it is often most effective to harass them when they are trying to last hit, pulling this off effectively means they have to decide between taking hits from you, or missing the gold from the minion, this is particularly effective early game when champions have very low attack speeds, as by the time their auto attack refreshes after killing the minion, you have already hit them and retreated to a safe distance.
If playing in a duo lane, your support should be trying to harass the enemy as much as possible while the carry farms, of course, their support will be doing the same.

League of Legends Lux E Lucent Singularity
Some champions, like lux, can abuse their range or skills by doing damage to minions, and doing area denial to the enemy at the same time, examples of this are Lux’s Lucent Singularity, Morgana’s Pool, Lissandras Ice Shard, Zed’s Shadow/Spin combo and Singed Poison.

Murdering your opponent

So you’ve been harassing your enemy, they are at half health or less.
You look at your items, their items, see how much damage you do, see how much armor/mr they have.
Then factor in your spells and their spells, do they have an escape spell? do you have any control spells? have they used their summoner spells yet? do they have flash available? is your ignite up?
if you are in bottom lane, does your support have exhaust available?
Then finally, look at the map, do we have vision of the enemy, or do we have sufficient vision that we will be able to see them coming in time?
If everything looks like its in your favour, its time to get to murdering.
Find a window of opportunity, this could be the enemy overextending (coming too close), perhaps you have a big wave of minions, perhaps your mid or jungler is coming for a gank.
When the time is right, go in, engage, CC, exhaust, ignite, whatever.
Try your best not to flash aggressively for kills unless you know for sure they are going to die, your flash is often your best defense against… everything (hence why everyone takes it).

After the Tower

After you have destroyed their tower (hopefully), you again have to assess your situation, particularly the map, taking their tower down can lead to more elaborate gank paths, so if they stay in lane it becomes easier to kill them, however if the minions are too pushed towards their side of the map, the opposite becomes true and you become very susceptible to ganks, leaving you in 2v3 or 2v4 situations, and probably resulting in losing dragon as well.
If you are able to farm/kill safely, then do so, otherwise it might be worth trying to help other lanes, this is often known as the roaming phase. After 1 or 2 more towers, the game will naturally transition into teamfight phase, which is a story for another day.

Hope this helped some people, if there are any questions, ask in the comments.