Tiny and Big in Grandpa’s Leftovers

Indie spree continues! This time with ‘Black pants Studio’s ‘Tiny and Big in grandpa’s leftovers’
This is one of the games currently available in the Humble Bundle 8, available until 11/06/13

Tiny and Big title

Tiny and Big is a…. i’m… i’m not really sure what this is, an adventure platformer I suppose? A puzzle platformer? At its core, i suppose, the game is a platformer, however there are, as usual, twists. Tiny himself comes with 3 gadgets, the hook, the laser, and the rocket – i’ll elaborate.
The hook is used to pull items from afar, you are able to push items yourself, but manytimes in this game (because of the laser, and for safety reasons), you’ll need to pull stuff from a distance.
The Rocket is used to propel objects, the first shot sticks the rocket to something, and then holding the button again will propel the rocket and whatever it is connected to, it reminds me of trying to use the rocket thrusters feature in garrys mod.
The final gadget, and most important one, is the Laser, which is able to cut objects in the environment in half, most bits of the scenery can be cut, and in conjunction with the rocket and hook, you can make platforms and ramps by carving into existing objects in the game world.

In practice then, this turns into a puzzle/platformer mix, with a clear objective in the distance, you’ll need to use your gadgets to forge a path for yourself through all manner of obstacles. It’s much easier to explain this using media, I wish I had a video prepared, but you’ll have to make do with this picture guide.

Tiny and big Comic

The game ranged from awesome to somewhat frustrating depending on the level, of which there are only 4 proper levels. The two ‘ascent’ levels were by far my favourite, with the objective being to scale a giant structure, primarily by hacking stuff apart and then working out how to climb. The other two levels were less fun, with one focusing on obstacle avoidance,  and the other assumedly based on wandering around a pitch black room filled with unavoidable death traps. The experience in general was pretty short lived, with a run time of under 2 hours, though the game does have an ‘Episode 1’ suffix on the website so one can presume they have more planned.
I would have perhaps liked to have seen more variety in the gameplay, though it was only a short game, the trials begun to become repetitive over time, with me lopping off chunks of pillar to be able to climb over gaps and so on. The tools provided have so much functionality, im sure they could think of some alternate ways to have them be used other than carving up big stones.

tinyandbig 2013-06-08 19-00-12-95

Tiny and Big to me felt very much like a Double FIne game, everything about this production just seems silly, and I mean that in a good way, the plot and dialogue are batshit insane, the graphics have somewhat of a cel-shaded and hand drawn look to them, particularly prevalent on the characters themselves. This game isn’t the prettiest thing to come out this year, aside from its charming art style the environments are fairly barren and the game, if not for it’s physics, could probably be rendered on a PS2.
Music in the game was, if I’m honest, pretty bad, the music system itself however was pretty clever, you collect ‘tapes’ during the game which play on a radio and this radio acts as your BGM, it is however a shame that none of the music was memorable enough to warrant any attention.


Tiny and Big might have actually saved itself with its short game length, though the tools themselves are great fun to use, you may find the novelty wearing off faster than you’d expect. Coupled with a penultimate level that is equal parts frustrating and boring, the game starts very strong but may leave a bit of a bitter aftertaste once you finish. The game as a whole however is very charming and creative with an interesting gameplay hook.

Approximate Game Length :  <2 Hours
Actual Worth / Steam Price:  £5 / £7 = 0.714
Should you play it : Grab it if you find on offer, if Tiny and Big and Metal Gear Rising have taught me anything it’s that slicing stuff up is great fun.
Rating: 4/5