E3 Games – Get Hype for…

So this is a big list of all the big games that were announced, but not all of them actually look that good or special. Here i’ll tell you what you should actually spend your time looking in to and why.
Coloured titles denote exclusives.

The Crew – 4 player MMOish driving game about pulling jobs and stuff, features a massive map, drop-in world stuff and looks a lot of fun to play with friends.

The Division – Ubisoft’s surprise ‘and finally’ announce of 2013, whilst 2012 gave us watch dogs, 2013 gives us The Division, which looks like an Action RPG (similar to Mass Effect) with perhaps more of a focus on 3rd person shooting. The universe for this one looks very cool, and graphically it looks incredible.

Mirrors Edge 2 / Battlefront 3 – Teased, not worth looking in to, but know that they at least exist.

Dead Rising 3 – Looks awesome, a seriously massive horde of zombies and an open world style which looks easier to move around than previous Dead Rising titles (no load times from what was shown). Looks like weapon combining and stuff are back as well. I hope this one gets ported to PC eventually because it looked like the XB1 was having some problems rendering the bazillion zombies on screen at once.

Metal Gear Solid V (Phantom Pain) – Is now Open world and looks like it has more of a freeform approach to infiltration, perhaps requiring more scouting and improvisation than previous games. Looks very nice, and has the usual cast of crazy characters.

Titanfall – Respawn’s answer to call of duty, which looks like Call of Duty with parkour, Jetpacks, and giant robots. I am totally fucking okay with this. I look forward to playing it on PC.

Project Spark – Microsoft’s version of Little Big Planet / Gmod, the types of games that you can create really look quite impressive, the trailer showed off all sorts of games remade within Project Spark, such as Limbo, Fez, Space Invaders, Geometry Wars, and lots more.

Destiny: Slightly underwhelming considering its from Bungie, looks like a more serious version of borderlands. Graphically amazing, particularly the scene inside showing off the lighting effects.

Final Fantasy Versus XIII – Looked awesome. I’m not sure how it is going to actually play/control, but it looks like a very different type of Final Fantasy than we are used to.

Kingdom hearts 3 – No gameplay, and the trailer itself was short, but oh so very sweet – particularly for the masses of people that have been waiting for this.

Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze – Its another DKC game, it looks awesome, if a little orthodox.

Super Mario 3d World – 4 player co-op in a full 3d Mario game? Goddamn. it looks really solid too, but then, of course it does, Nintendo have yet to make a bad 3d Mario game.

Super Smash Brothers – Yep. Another Smash game. Let the character speculation commence.


All in all, this was the best in memory. So many big reveals, So many unexpected surprises, all 3 companies this year went full speed ahead with the games reveals.
And then of course, Sony’s unofficial shittalking of the XboxOne made for some hilarious console war drama that will go down as one of the best E3 moments of all time.