Life – June 2013

Here’s your regular update on my life, from recent posts you wouldn’t have thought so, but this was actually a personal blog at some point too 😛

So i’ve been unemployed a little over 1.5 months now, and I’m slowly starting to become terrified that I am never going to find a job. When I quit both my previous jobs I was somewhat under the impression that i’d be able to find something better given that I now have around 1.5 years of work experience, this however seems to not be the case.
Mum is starting to get on my case now, which is pretty uncomfortable, I mean, she has every right to be annoyed at me for being unable to find work, but shit is hard yo – I imagine I could get another crappy waitering job easily enough, but finding a position which actually has progression is difficult.

Got another monitor recently and decided to mount it vertically, its pretty awesome, I’ve never had a multi monitor set-up before so its all new to me, but it does definitely seem very useful, the only drawback is now im only 1 monitor away from a triplehead set up, which is tempting.


Project Burst
Has been mostly dormant for the last few weeks, our programmer is working on it occasionally, myself personally, I figured i’d wait for the code to catch up a little because I dont really feel like dumping hours into art assets only to find out that I have nothing to do with it because our programmer has abandoned the project.
And y’know, also because i’ve been using all my time doing other stuff.
According to the git logs, our placeholder character can officially move horizontally now, which is kind of cool – though at the same time sort of terrifying because it means the game is 1 step closer towards actually needing character models (and I am fucking terrified of attempting to learn rigging)

JET Programme
I’ve mostly given up hope on this, the website says its very rare for reserve candidates to be promoted past late june, which is pretty much now/this week.
It’s pretty frustrating considering the time and money I put in to the application, but what can I do. Just another failure to add to the list I guess.

Japanese Language
Aint nobody got time for that, or well, I dont at least.
I’ve left it on the backburner for now so I can focus on languages which might actually give me a job advantage (see below).

Coding Languages
Finished basic Javascript, and am currently quickly going through HTML/CSS just so that I know that I know it (if that makes sense). I have used HTML in the past but never actually studied it.
After that, I’ll probably give Jquery a go and then who knows, maybe C# so that I can help out a little with coding on Project Burst?

Strip Search
I actually only recently found out about this through my friend DIl, its basically a reality TV show run by Penny Arcade, all the contestants are webcomic artists and the challenges and personalities sort of reflect this. It’s really awesome and I was surprised by just how addictive it is (maybe im just a sucker for reality TV). I actually zerged through the whole thing in like 3 days, I guess that 2nd monitor helps.

This website
I am playing through ‘Dust: An elysian Tale’ atm so expect a review of that eventually.
I am also working on Top 10 most Overhyped Games of ever, and it will likely be the most controversial thing i’ve ever put out because some of the games on this list are seriously popular.