Top 10 Most Overrated Games of all time.

Many games released are well received, most of these are legitimate good games being touted as good games, and yet some other releases manage to secure a long running series for themselves despite being underwhelming.

Of course, like any Top 10 list I do, this is completely my own opinion, and accounts for my tastes only. I know for a fact that many people will disagree with these, because they are overhyped – In just making this list I am more than aware I am swimming against the current, pointing out games I think are bad but everyone else considers good.
The Majority of the games on this list actually have a metascore about 80, and whilst I do not actively dislike all of them, the following are all games I feel are unworthy of the praise they receive.


Recent Metascores: 92, 94, 88, 83

Too Easy? The Call of Duty franchise achieves record breaking sales every goddamn year, yet only half of the game is worthy of being called playable – the multiplayer portion, of which I’ll admit is addictive and fun. The remainder of the experience is a game which plays practically identical year after year, with reused assets, ideas and engine year after year. Even the new call of duty: ghosts revealed for next generation consoles really doesn’t look much better.
For what its worth though, CoD does a lot of things right, big lobbies for console online, fun multiplayer, 60fps and more, hence why its only the tip of the ‘overrated’ iceberg as it is somewhat worthy of its praise.


Metascore: 69

Resident Evil 6 holds a score of around 69 on Metacritic with at least 50 or so positive reviews from various websites, this to me, is mind blowing. Were we playing the same game? This broken mess of a game filled with horrific design choices managed a 69?, its shit like this that infuriates me because people buy it, which in turn secures money for a sequel.
Resi 6 was a mess of just about every single genre, it was a shit third person shooter, a shit survival horror and a shit whatever else it tried to be (movie? puzzle game?).


Metascore: 93

Overhype confirmed for Brawl.
Every Nintendo generation since the 64bit era has come with its variation of the Super Smash Brothers series, a series which I’ve never really enjoyed that much. Legitimately the most entertaining part of the smash bros series so far has been the character reveals , the actual game itself almost always devolves into button mashing and death with you mostly unaware of what just happened.
Something which occurred to me whilst writing this is that perhaps I do not find it particularly enjoyable because of the features it has, an easy pick up and play style and non-reliance on skill.
I can definitely see why people would enjoy smash, but it’s just not for me and in my opinion the game is somewhat of a mix between a mediocre fighting game and a mediocre party game. How does Melee/Brawl achieve ‘universal acclaim’ when actual fun games like Kung Fu Chaos only do ‘ok’


Metascore: 92

Fallout 3 was far from a bad game, however it was one which I feel left the most bitter after-taste. After finishing FO3, or even after you’ve clocked a fair amount of hours, you begin to realise its all so very samey, you may even realise that the game isn’t actually much fun at all. Looting stuff mindlessly for money which has little use, a small selection of weapons with no unique characteristics, few enemies, boring environments…..
Oh, and then there’s the binary combat system, I hate the VATS system so much it pains me.
Maybe it’s just that there are so few games of its kind (Open world FPS RPG) but I really feel that Fallout 3 was rated higher than it is worth.


Metascore: 96

Starting to get deep into “Screw you that’s my favourite game” territory now…
Some people say the original Bioshock is the best game ever made, ‘the combat was so good’, ‘the twist was amazing!’, ‘morality system’ etc etc.
The one thing Bioshock excelled at was its Audio and Visuals for its time, the graphics actually still hold up okay today, which says something.
The combat was the real let-down for me, especially considering thats the majority of what you will be doing during the game, near all the guns felt oddly balanced and combat in general just didn’t feel particularly satisfying.
Score in the 90’s? Yes, Great game? Yes, ‘Best game ever made? Not a chance.
(Not really sure how it scored lower than Bioshock Infinite either, and don’t even get me started on Bioshock 2, jesus christ.)


Metascores: 97 , 95 , 94 , 83 , 91 , 87

A 6/7 game series, with a further 3+ and a TV show by Spielberg scheduled…
All centred around a boring game with a confusing plot.
I’ve played practically every Halo game, and yet outside of the multiplayer, I don’t think I’ve actually enjoyed any of them. How is it even possible that I’ve completed all the core Halo games and I have NO IDEA of ANY of the story.
And then there’s the multiplayer, where headshots count for virtually fuck all unless you have the sniper rifle, a game where by default you get a radar that shows where your enemies are…
I get it, and I understand that the game is balanced around it, and maybe it’s not all that bad, and capture the flag is a lot of fun, but there is something really messed up about the fact you can hit a guy in the dome 3 times and he still be allowed to turn around and kill you.


Metascores: 68 to 84

Okay, now Monster Hunter is a game I ‘get’, and yet it’s a game I cannot comprehend.
The Japanese LOVE MonHun, perhaps for the community they have there, this has sort of resulted in a positive feedback loop in the east, and a negative one in the west – where everyone  owns Monster Hunter because everyone owns Monster hunter.
Let me elaborate for those who haven’t a clue about the game, MonHun is a game where you kill big monsters, then with the items you get from killing that monster, you forge new equipment and do it all again. Eventually, you become unable to kill said big monsters without the help from other players. The concept is very cool, and it works well for co-op (and hence why I said ‘I get it’ earlier), it all breaks down however if you ever try playing it. The combat in this game is atrocious, Monster Hunter combat is literally the complete polar opposite of Bayonetta – where Bayonetta is fast, fun and responsive; Monster Hunter is slow, dull and you could probably compose a 7 minute orchestral symphony in the time it takes for your character to swing his sword – and god forbid you ever actually want to try to evade anything.


Metascore: 77

Oh Jesus Christ Awesomenauts.
It looks/sounds alright, a 2d MOBA with a colourful art style.
And then you play it, a boring mess of a game featuring not enough of anything – not enough players (3v3), not enough maps (4?), not enough characters (8 or 13) and worst of all, not enough fun. How does a moba manage to be so dull to play even after taking out the farming aspect?
I played one game online and that was already more than I could stand – Partially because the matches take about 4x longer than they should.


Metascore: 89 , 89

Sooooo…. Dark Souls, a masochistic game with surprise death traps and not so surprise death traps. Now this isn’t the same type of masochism as that present in fun games like ‘I wanna be the guy’ – you die unfairly, “haha that’s so messed up why would the moon just fall on me like that”, you spawn and you have lost 4 seconds of progress. In Dark souls you die and you may have just lost half an hour of progress and more. It also comes with a horrific combat system similar to that of Monster Hunter, with its horrifying overanimated attacks and movements – every weapon controls with the fluidity of a cube rolling on a flat surface.
Why is this game on its 3rd iteration? Where’s the fun? Because it certainly isn’t in the combat, the dull environments, or the cheap tricks. Maybe someone can enlighten me.


Metascores: 93, 94, 91, 79

The motherload of all ‘overhype’, I’ve never really cared much for gears, I’ve played through 1 and 2, though 3 and onward look pretty much the same. Gears of War for whatever reason thought that the Halo health system was a fantastic idea, and created a third person shooter littered with chest high walls and a ‘downed’ system which means that when you play on-line you not only have to plug your enemy with 200 bullets to the face, but have to be in melee range to finish them off as well – oh joy.
The story campaign is both one up and one down on the Halo franchise in that I can at least remember some of the ….. hm… wait. Nevermind, apparently I don’t remember any of that story either. I guess it’s just 1 down then, at least Halo had enemies easily dispatched with headshots.
Again, I’m not saying that the Gears of War series is bad, but it is a game which has gained more praise than it deserves, from a review – “It’s all about the gameplay, and Gears of War delivers in that department so completely that it wouldn’t matter if you were playing the game in 16 bit graphics” – ….. Wat. Did we play the same game?
Meanwhile, Vanquish sits in a corner somewhere relatively unheard of,


Like, seriously? Why is this game so popular? Its like bejeweled but with limited moves and most of the time it is literally impossible to complete the level based on the initial spawn of the blocks, and then of course once you realise you can’t even complete the level, there is no way to reset the level easily. What further confuses me is the type of people who play this game, ie. My mum and other non gamers, who seem happy enough to play this borderline impossible match3 game, but dislike other puzzle games? I really don’t get it. Also please stop sending me Candy Crush Invites, I don’t have the leet skills required to play that shit.


Aaaaaaaaand cue shitstorm number 2.
I’ll go ahead and repeat that these games arent necessarily bad, just not as good as the reviews and sales figures would have you believe.
Also gonna go ahead and say that this post took me way too goddamn long to write.

Honorable Mentions: Metal Gear Solid 4, Team Fortress 2, Final Fantasy 11, Darksiders, Heroes of Newearth, Gran Turismo/Forza, Duke Nukem, Final Fantasy Series, New Super Mario Bros series, Assassins Creed Series

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  • Call of Duty is pretty damn overrated. I understand what makes it fun, and I’m not gonna lie, ever since “No Russian”, They’ve never failed to have atleast 1 fucked up moment per game to get people’s attention, whether or not their story ever needed such a thing. But hey, it’s been 60FPS this whole time, and as much as I know there are more enjoyable console shooters, that fidelity MATTERS. It’s kinda mindblowing how long it took DICE to understand that BF will NEVER be a true competitor to CoD unless it steps down some of the visual quality and doubles the framerate.

    Resident Evil 6 is an atrocity, it literally doesn’t even DESERVE any more explanation as to why it is fucking bad and I will agree with you: 69 is still too damn high for that piece of absolute trash.

    I’ve never understood people who keep trying to make a case for Smash as a competitive game, even Nintendo tried their fucking HARDEST to shut those fucking assholes up when they introduced tripping and other assorted bullshit into Brawl. NINTENDO DON’T WANT SMASH TO BE A COMPETITIVE GAME, THEY WANT BROS TO JUST HAVE FUN BY HAVING LINK PUNCH MARIO REPEATEDLY. NINTENDO INTENTIONALLY KNEECAPPED SMASH BROS. BECAUSE THEY KNOW IT ISN’T AN ATHLETE, THEY MADE SURE EVERYONE ELSE KNEW ASWELL BY DOING WHAT THEY DID TO BRAWL.

    Fallout 3 was cool as a proof-of-concept, but it ended up taking most of the nuance and actual tension out of the Fallout games when it went real-time, aim-down-the-sights with it. I liked New Vegas more (but I could never re-play it, just…no) purely because the guys behind it understood some of the dark humour and ironic nature to much of the lore of Fallout, since they were mostly ex-Black Isle, Bethesda can’t write good lore to save their fucking skin, and I DARE anyone to prove me wrong.

    I played through Bioshock 1 recently purely because Infinite tries to tie that whole universe together (basically they wanted nerds who went “WHY IS IT BIOSHOCK?” to shut up when faced with the name and subtitle for Infinite), and while I still am firmly of the belief that Bioshock 1 is not a fun shooter, I think it has a really interesting lore and cool aesthetics to it. It is definitely overrated, but to a point where you can kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinda understand what people are getting at. Just throwing this out there, but Bioshock 1 was a lighter version of System Shock 2, which, while it had a LOT of nuance to the gameplay systems, it atleast was more than just “shoot this guy, cool now take a picture of this little girl and shoot that guy in the face afterwards”. Also, Bioshock 1 literally re-used the twist in System Shock 2 which, if you weren’t familiar with it is kinda fucked up, but otherwise came off as SUPER LAME. Basically, Bioshock 1 is alright, but anyone saying it is one of the best games ever is just flat-out WRONG.

    Halo 1 was a cool game. I liked it. Then when Halo 2 came out, that’s when the (credit to GAF for this term) “carnival of stupid” came to town for good. Halo is such a weird series because if you think about it, games like Halo shouldn’t be sustainable nowadays, think about how you have games like Bioshock take the “atmospheric shooter” crowd, and Call of Duty is the kinda game for “bros who are into shooting with/at their bros”. I’d say one thing Halo has going for it is 4-player local multiplayer, but I have NO CLUE if that is even the case anymore. I mean, Bungie is no longer working on Halo, hell, their game has been described as them taking the halo concept and giving it longer legs, because they very clearly hit a fucking wall in terms of “what can we do with this?” after Halo 3 basically. Going back to my earlier point about how games like Halo aren’t made anymore, I guess platform holders each have to hold onto 1 (Sony has Killzone, Microsoft has Halo), cause both platform holders are fucking ADAMANT that there is genuine interest in more of those games. I can’t honestly say I’ve ever spoken to anyone who is passionate about either series.

    Monster Hunter/Dark Souls can both be lumped into the “nuanced-slasher” class, because both games require that gamers go deep into the actual game lore and mechanics, in order to find out how they should “optimally” tackle an enemy. I can kinda respect that, but I’ll be fucked if I ever touch another one of those games again. I know someone who’s opinion on games I can respect greatly, he liked Demon’s/Dark Souls and the way he describes it, it literally is just the sort-of game where you kinda have to think about every single encounter, because running in is 99.9% certain death. While I can respect this, I don’t find that fun, atleast not in these types of games. And like you said, “masocore” games aren’t really the same thing purely because masocore games result in you losing 5-10 second of progress, whereas these games result in losing 30-60 minutes of progress. A FUCKING HOUR WASTED BECAUSE YOU SLIPPED AND PRESSED B INSTEAD OF Y. OOPS. OH BOY THIS SOUNDS FUN… it doesn’t…which Is why I don’t play them. Also yea, Monster Hunter feels SUPER FUCKING DULL by yourself, and this idiotic comment of “LOL UR SUPPOSED TO PLAY WITH FRIENDZ”. Sorry buddy, my friends don’t have horrible taste in games.

    Awesomenauts as a fantasy in some designer’s head “could” work out, but like you said, the reality is boring Boring BORING.

    Gears of War is fucking boring. Like..I understand that cover-shooter as a genre exists because of it, but there are far and away SEVERAL games that take that concept and are at the very least entertaining if not fun. Gears of War has bad singleplayer, bad multiplayer, bad concepts, bad ideas, bad scripts. Basically, Cliffy B can keep the “honor” of being the guy behind Gears of War, it makes a lot of sense when you think about it: Guy who spend every waking minute convincing the world he matters and how cool he is designs game that in reality is the dullest, most drab, boring fucking shooter ever made. CONGRATZ CLIFFY, YOU’RE A GAME DESIGN GOD.

  • You had Call of Duty in there twice btw (it’s in the honorable mentions + 10th), also while I understand FF11 being an MMO is kinda different from the rest of the Final Fantasy games, It looks kinda weird. I…can’t make the case for the rest.

    I mean, I’ve played through almost every single Final Fantasy, but would I honestly say I found the whole experience “fun”? Nah, it was just a pretty alright time-waster, I’ll give ’em that, 13 fucked it all up BECAUSE IT LIMITS YOUR LEVELING TO YOUR PROGRESS. That ain’t what FF is about to me, It’s about being Level 99 before you fight the first boss because fuck it, why even bother trying to have bossfights end up “challenging” when in reality the second you fuck up a bossfight at an appropriate level, you’ve lost atleast 5 minutes and at max 15-20 minutes (not counting the ultra secret bosses who have like a bazillion health) to what? a “challenge”? Fuck No.

    Basically, TIL I don’t actually like JRPGs that much.

    MGS4 is a game based around the concept that the cutscene is your reward instead of a way of giving you plot details in a fast and (almost/barely)understandable manner.

    Vanilla TF2 was fun, and TF2 is still a fun game if you know what you’re playing it for and who you’re playing it with. But that game destroyed all hope of being balanced or skill-based the day they decided to have MMO-bullshit tied to weapons, and there being THOUSANDS OF WEAPONS AND PIECES OF GEAR, DESPITE IT BEING A FUCKING TEAM DEATHMATCH GAME.


    In an age before DOTA 2, Heroes of Newerth was acceptable because let’s face it, League of Legends tries to simplify some of the mechanics to DOTA, and for some people, they just don’t like it like that. But now that Dota 2 exists and is very popular (Valve is behind it, so you’d expect them to have patching/balance/excitement on lockdown for atleast another 5 years), ergo: HoN is redundant. That’s it…Also HoN’s artstyle is kinda awful, not gonna lie.

    Gran Turismo/Forza, they’re simulation racing games. I don’t think they’re meant for everyone, sure they’ll still try to sell them to anyone willing to hand over 60$/£/€, but I think at this point the general public even understands those games score highly because the people who play them appreciate EVERY LITTLE DETAIL in there, which someone like me would have no fucking clue where to start with.

    Duke….Duke 3D as a game was kinda neat, as far as 2D sprite-based FPS games in 1996 (same year Quake came out) go. However, Duke as a character was never good enough to warrant an entire series around him, especially when LITERALLY ALL OF THEM POST DUKE 3D HAVE BEEN MEDIOCRE TO BAD. This is the equivalent of trying to have an airplane take-off, but as it lifts up do you realize you have no engine, no controls, no fuel, just a neat, if brash hull/fuselage. GG, George Broussard, you fucking idiot.

    Would I call Final Fantasy games good? That varies, but at the very least, they’ve kept me busy and at best I’ve found enjoyment in them. 90% of the story in them is horrible, though (I’d say FFIV and VI are some of the only ones to have stories that even managed to make me give even the faintest of shits).

    New Super Mario Bros.? Nintendo likes making paper, gamers like simple Mario games. Someone at some point said “what if we just have like 4 guys work on these while the rest of us snort coke off our WiiU tablets?” and Miyamoto was giving that person a thumbs-up and smiling the whole time.

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