Knights of Pen and paper +1 Edition (PC)


Its a funny kind of irony where, after enjoying lower game prices on PC compared to Console, we see games like ‘Knights of Pen and Paper +1 edition’ come out on PC at 400% of the price it is sold at on Mobile devices.

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Knights of pen and paper +1 edition (KPAP from here) from ‘Behold studios’ is a D&D style game which was evidently intended for Android and iOS, but for whatever reason has also managed to find its way onto PC as well. The game is a about people sitting about playing a game of D&D, you select up to 5 players and their classes (very limited classes I might add) and then venture into the world presented to you by the dungeon master, who will give quests and throw monsters at you, and there are dice and spells and level ups and all that jazz.

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After a short period of time playing, you will realise you are essentially playing a very very simple, watered down version of a JRPG, majority of the quests are kill or collect quests and feel like the worst quests in World of Warcraft, except instead of a beautiful 3d world to explore, you get a pixel art background and a turn based combat system (which, I will add, works very badly on PC as there are no shortcut keystrokes and the ‘buttons’ are spaced out heavily).
The game does seem to have some level of depth maybe, with item systems and such in place, and the world map looked sort of big, but I’ll be honest and say I couldn’t bare to play this for very long because it was incredibly dull to watch and play, and my battles were incredibly tedious with the way the commands are spaced out.

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There is also some sort of persistent system outside of the game in the game (????) where you can buy items for the room you are playing the game in inside the game (????) which will give your game game characters extra stats, or your game players extra benefits (+1 to rolls and stuff).

The visuals are cute enough, with a charming pixel art style. The music was god awful and was probably a big part of the reason I stopped playing. Its also worth noting that whilst the PC version will let you select widescreen resolutions in the startup, the game simply windowboxes the game to preserve the aspect ratio – further evidence that this was designed primarily for phones.

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I would maybe actually play this on a mobile phone, it seems like an okay way to waste away a bit of time while waiting in a lobby or something, with its highly grindy natured quests, and its easy battle system, yeah… maybe..


Knights of Pen and Paper isn’t a horrible game, its just not one that I want to spend time playing. KPAP was designed with smartphones and tablets in mind, and on that platform you might be more willing to forgive its shortcomings and design choices, but as a full PC release, and at that price point, only the most diehard D&D fans will be wanting to play this.

Approximate Game Length :  Probably really long
Actual Worth / Steam Price:  £1/ £8 = 0.125
Should you play it : Stay Away , maybe consider the phone version if you like grinding on boring turn based battles and don’t need a story or narrative for your RPG.

Rating: 1/5

Android Version –
Steam / PC version –